Coming Soon: The Nine Lives of Chloe King... The Movie?!?

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Potentially amazing news, fans of The Nine Lives of Chloe King: ABC Family has not ruled out bringing the drama back... in movie form!

At today's Television Critics Association winter press session, network president Michael Riley said he tries to take a "long-term view" of all shows," adding that Chloe King - a TV Fanatic favorite - was an "amazing" series that may yet be resuscitated.

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We "are on the verge of putting a movie into development," Riley said of a film version of the show. "We always look at the intellectual property that we're capitalizing on and making sure there's opportunities for even more storytelling."

Notice to careful phrasing of Riley and it's clear a Chloe King movie is still a long ways from production. But the possibility does exist, which is more than we could say 30 minutes ago.

Would you go see a Chloe King movie?

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NLOCK was and will always be the best show ABC has ever had. please give us a season 2 and maybe even 3 or 4 the only problem was ABC didnt advertize it enuaph other wise it could have been one of their most watched shows. if ABC needs to get rid of a show get rid of the lying games, iv only sean it once but that was enuph to know how crapy it was in comparison to NLOCK. please, please, please bring back NLOCK i miss it so much and need to know what happens. who knows it coud tern out to be the next tvd, pll, or glee.


Please PLEASE bring back The Nine Lives of Chloe King back!!!! :( Best. Damn. Show. Ever.


HI ABC family I Just wanted to say that I love nine lives of chloe king, it's best show I ever watch in my life, i'm a girl in a wheel chair and I mostly watch shows all day! Me and my friends love this show to!! WE WOULD BE SOO HAPPY IF YOU BRING BACK NLOCK, and I'm sure all the other NLOCK would LOVE IT IF U GUYS Bring Back a season 2, just please start the season 2 and see if ur ratings go up. :D


Please make a season 2. The first season was amazing but we all need to know what happens to Brian, Chloe and Alek. It is truly an amazing series, and it's sad that it got canceled. Hopefully we will get the chance to experience a season 2. Fingers crossed. #theninelivesofchloeking


YES I would go see this movie!!! This was the BEST series ABC Family has had. They had low ratings and all but so did the other shows that took the place of NLOCK, and yet they get a shot at another season... Unfair! I would love to see an ending to NLOCK! The last episode of NLOCK left us with even more questions than before. What happened to Brian's Mom? What happens to Chloe's mom? What happened when Whitney (Brian's dad) find out what happened? He doesn't even know Chloe is with him. What happens with Chalek? Will Alek kill his "brother" or take time to know him and maybe go on his side. What happened to Chloe's dad? Why did he leave? Will Alek take this as a chance to get to Chloe? Will Chloe do something stupid after feeling guilty for killing him? Did they ACTUALLY die? So, if there is a movie coming out, give us at least a yes or no answer. would prefer if it's a BIG FAT YES!!! I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY GO SEE IT. And if the series return, I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY NEVER MISS AN EPISODE. EVER!


Also all the other shows taking over are STUPID and RIDICULUOS the only good one is Baby Daddy. The others are not at all worth keeping!


I honestly am so, so, sad to see that it has been canceled. Is it not their job to make us happy?


I loved that show. & really would like y'all to bring it back. I watched it every week. And when season one was over I was soo excited to see season two. And it never happen. Now everyone is talking about a movie. Can you just tell the fans if y'all are actually planning on doing anything? Or just having us wait over and over again. The least y'all could do is just tell us the truth!


I agree it's disrespectful to your viewers and I for one don't like that why can't they please just make more i get that there was a dip in the season but couldn't u make 10 more eps as a second season to see how we'll it does? Wouldn't that work? Please just try it


I apsolutly loved season 1! It was cancled, and i was slightly pissed. an idea for a season 2, Could be: because Chloe and Brian are in true love, he is mearly in a coma. her mom finds out about Cloe's nine lives secret, and Chloe discovers the truth about her dad. she find a coven of her kind, and stays there to protect herself, and her mom from the dangers that follow Chloe (Leaves mom at her own house. what ever you guys [producers] want to do). Chloe Brings Brian To the coven for safe keeping in hope that he wakes up. Brian awakes in the last episode of season 2 or the beginning of 3, due to the fact that, after Chloe kisses him a second time, he becomes one of her kind. the jackls get restless for some reason in a possible season 3, jeaprodizing her 2 best friends, and she brings them to the cat coven too, for safe keeping. we find out her dad is alive in the season finale of the possible episode 3. Like the ideas? I sure hope so, beacause i would love to see more of the "nine lives of Chloe King" :)