Damon Salvatore Naked Alert!

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Warning: try to control your drool upon hearing the following scoop, female readers. It's bad for the keyboard.

On an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore will wake up naked. But while there's no question about how fans will react to that scene, there is one pressing question regarding the development: Who will be the lucky lady by Damon's side?

A Drink for Damon

At the People's Choice Awards, Ian Somerhalder told William Keck his birthday suited character will be lying with "another woman who is a hot vampire." So... Katherine, right?

"I can't say whether or not I'm in that scene," Nina Dobrev countered at the same event. "But it is a character fans are familiar with and Elena will definitely have an opinion on it."

We bet she will. The Vampire Diaries airs a new episode this Thursday night and you can view an Elena/Damon clip from it now.

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He always is naked with everyone else but with elaine. When will he get naked with elaine. Elaine need to have sex with damon or elijha. What are they waiting for.


I'm almost at the point where even naked Damon won't make me happy unless he is with Elena. Never thought I would see that happen!! Oh, well, I've waited this long, I guess I can wait a little longer and TRY to be happy with this and pretend it's Elena.


daimon salvatore e um gatinhoooooooooo, super fofo odeio admiti pois ele se destaca mais hahahahahah; estou brincando todos eles são legais beijooooos


I'm pretty sure it isn't a flashback, cause why would Elena have an opinion on it then? He already slept with Katherine. And Caroline. And Elena knows?


I hope that it`s katherine.. they both have this exploding chemistry together.. but i don`t think they`d slept together..
I think Damon will wake up, and she will be there..showing up surprisingly like she always does..
And Elena, get your ass up or let him go.. God, i wish this girl will loose control sometimes.. It`s so exhausting.. Come on, this is Damon we`re talking about..You should celebrate him and not avoid him.. If you don`t want him than take Stefan, turn into vampire, stay lucky for the rest of your life and stop trying to change the folks around..grrrgggghh..


damon's been plenty naked before, and i've loved every scene!!! so bring it!! and ew to the drooling over the keyboards.. lol hurry up and give me more DELENA, Elena you love him, now kiss him back!

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure who will be the person by Damon's bed but it better not be Elena. The show will go heartbreaking if it is her. If it's Katherine, boy will I be shocked. If it's someone else, I don't really care. I want to see what else will happen throughout the show and hope that Elena will find a way to bring back the Stefan she loves. =| =P


i loved the Delena kiss that happened but i totally want elena to tell damon she loves him (as she obviously does) . However, who damon slept with is caroline or katherine. i hoped it was elena but as it was said it was a vampire who slept with him.


the spoiler is that he wakes up with someone, it doesn't say that he's slept with them


Caroline. Duh!

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