Damon Salvatore Naked Alert!

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Warning: try to control your drool upon hearing the following scoop, female readers. It's bad for the keyboard.

On an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore will wake up naked. But while there's no question about how fans will react to that scene, there is one pressing question regarding the development: Who will be the lucky lady by Damon's side?

A Drink for Damon

At the People's Choice Awards, Ian Somerhalder told William Keck his birthday suited character will be lying with "another woman who is a hot vampire." So... Katherine, right?

"I can't say whether or not I'm in that scene," Nina Dobrev countered at the same event. "But it is a character fans are familiar with and Elena will definitely have an opinion on it."

We bet she will. The Vampire Diaries airs a new episode this Thursday night and you can view an Elena/Damon clip from it now.

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I never say this but I'm with Maddie. Its only fitting if they're thrown into it somehow or its to make Elena wake up.


dude wtf? HOPEFULLY it's only a way of making Elena jealous, if they start backing out of Delena and going towards Stelena again I'm quitting this show. I love it and everything but a girl can only hold out for so long.


Its Katherine, I read a spoiler saying Katherine and Damon are going to hook up, now it just makes sence


It ain't Caroline since she would never betray Klaus;p!!! It's either Katherine or Rebekah...but it's not certain that they will have actually slept together. This could be part of a plan...


It's Sage depending on timing of episode or Katherine. I would like to see some of the other guys on the show in the buff too.


I think it’s going to be Cassidy Freeman's character...hummm either way it’s going to be interesting.


what about that Dr.fell? we're not sure she's not a vampire. maybe she is one and she'll get damon drunk and then for whatever it is that she wants,tricks him to bed :)


Definately katherine,she's the hottest female vampire,caroline is not an option coz she and damon are at each other's throat since the event that happened in 304,rebekah is daggared,but the problem is that we're not sure if katherine is in the episode.


I don't think it's Rebekah who should revive her if Klaus doesn't. I hope it's Katherine!


It will be Rebekah. We don't know. Maybe she wants to take her revenge.

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