Desperate Housewives Spoiler: Major Death to Come!

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Desperate Housewives is sort of limping to the finish line these days, as detailed in our review of Sunday's "What's the Good of Being Good?"

But it looks like ABC is about to seriously raise the stakes on the drama, as Entertainment Weekly reports, quite simply: a MAJOR character will be killed off in March.

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That is the extent of the scoop, unfortunately, as the magazine just says the cast members were informed of the death this week and that the character in question will NOT be included on the May finale.

So, have at it, Wisteria Lane lovers: Who do you think it will be?

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i read somewhere that it will be a male character and it said somewhere else it would be either carlos , tom , MJ , porter or mike . the only person i think it is not definetly is tom . the only person so far who might have slight motive to kill is lynette , but she wouldnt .. and he has no reason to kill himself . like people are saying , it could be carlos because of alejandro and the mary-alice thing and marc ending the show how it began , but in other spoilers , there is talk about carlos AFTER the episode that someone is killed . there is also talk about susan thinking mike is cheating AFTER the male killing episode , but all this comotion with the loan shark puts him in some danger .


It might be Renee or that guy she is dating...I love Vanessa Williams but I don't think her character really fits the show. She should have been a guest star and nothing more.


The actress that plays McCluskey lung cancer has returned in real life. So she might die. But if they're "killing somone off" and they aren't just dying will probably be Bree. Think that is why Orson is taking her to Maine. The person that sent the note to Bree was Orson. Its the same note that was sent to sent to Brenda but Orson wasn't around then. My vote for killing someone off is to kill Susan. She is such a busy body, it drives me nuts1


I agree with lulu. its going to be carlos. i read somewhere that it was going to be a major male character and i've read theyre trying to end the season like it started.... and what happened? Mary Alice killed someone and hid the body, than had lots of guilt and killed herself,so Carlos I think is going to do the same thing as well.


I've heard that the actress who plays McClusky said in an interview on The View that it says in her contract that they can't kill her unless she gave the go ahead then thats a no. I have a feeling it might be Renee, they always tease that a housewife will die and then kill off a secondary housewife. Happened with Martha Huber and then weith Edie Britt.


I dont think itll be one of the wives. I found this: One thing the show’s swan song probably won’t feature is the death of one of the core housewives. “We feel very protective of our four main women,� says Daily of the characters played by Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria. “Which is not to say that one of our [other] main, top 10 characters won’t bite it. We have talked about that.� I THINK ITLL BE MIKE, CARLOS, OR TOM


Mclusky is told her cancer is back and BAD. They say the person will BE shot. So really doubt it's her. It says Mike will tell Renee about the situation with the shark. I think it will be Mike or Renee. The shark doesn't like him AT ALL. But Renee thinks she doesn't answer to no one either. Cause her boyfriend isn't a main character.


It's not Bree, she goes to prison later in the series!


Spoiler alert . Lynettes son porter is the father of julies baby


I think it'll be Carlos. He's a Major Character. He will be so guilt ridden that he'll write the letter to the police confessing, then he'll do a Mary Alice.

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