Desperate Housewives Spoiler: Major Death to Come!

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Desperate Housewives is sort of limping to the finish line these days, as detailed in our review of Sunday's "What's the Good of Being Good?"

But it looks like ABC is about to seriously raise the stakes on the drama, as Entertainment Weekly reports, quite simply: a MAJOR character will be killed off in March.

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That is the extent of the scoop, unfortunately, as the magazine just says the cast members were informed of the death this week and that the character in question will NOT be included on the May finale.

So, have at it, Wisteria Lane lovers: Who do you think it will be?

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I think it will be Mike and Renee.
They will be murdered by the man Ben was borrowing money from. I think Karen McKlusky will be the one to write the note to the police. Or maybe Bree while she is drunk. Or possibly Susan because she cant handle the guilt but definetly not Gabby , Lynette or one of the husbands


It is going to be Vanessa William's character. That thug her man is wrapped up with will probably kill her when her boyfriend won't pay up.


Obviously It will be Karen McKluskey the one who sent the note to Bree and will send a letter to the police about the murder!


apparently Bree's going to die of Herpes.


I'm pretty sure it's going to be Mrs. McCluskey, who wrote the original note to Bree.


I really hope it's not going to be one of the 4 girls, they were here for the start, they had to be here for the big finale of the show!!!


I don't think it's gonna be within the 4 original ladies because I don't think they're risking one original not to appear on May finale


It's the old lady..=-)


i think its Mike.. That man Ben was fighting with is going to kill him.. Julie is going to be there with Susan to comfort her..
if its one of the 5 ladies, I really hope its Susan, since she's been sooo annoying


It has to be lynette

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