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I think its Renee :(


Please let it be Susan! It's gotta be one of the leading ladies, anything else is not major enough for such a spoiler. Perhaps, Tom, Mike and Carlos qualify..I think Susan/Mike are in greatest danger with Ben making business with those shady thugs. They have it coming for them!


At this point I hope Susan dies because her character keeps doing the stupidest things.


grandma McCluskey or Carlos!


I reallyhope its not renee, bree, gabby, susan, lynette,mike. I would be surprised if it was ben as hes the only one out of the group that knows about the body &could make trouble for the others and chucks was already killed off too easy. I kinda hope its not tom. I dont really like carlos, ben or mrs. mkcluskey so I hope its one them, but mrs. muckluskley wouldnt be a major death imo. I would be suprised if a husband(mike, tom, carlos) were killed off but for drama maybe they would. Julie, orson &katherine are returing so maybe one of them cause they would be a major death, particuarly orson(ive heard hes writting bree the notes&saw the ladies burying alejandro, dont know if its true though).

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