Extended Vampire Diaries Trailer: Can There Be a Truce?

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Damn Salvatore... peacemaker?

This blood sucker has played many roles over two-plus seasons on The Vampire Diaries - bitter brother, vengeful sidekick, tomb raider - but it looks like his main mission on next week's "Bringing Out the Dead" will be to achieve a truce between Stefan and Klaus.

Is that even possible? What role might Elijah, seen in these episode photos choking Damon, play in the process? And just how much have Damon and Stefan switched roles? Watch below to see which of these siblings is now shirtless...

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Damon loves Elena and should fight 4 it.............


can't wait !
it looks like it's going to be an EPISODE ^_^


mmm stefan


A truce between Klaus and stefan?wow that would be fun to watch.Can't wait.


Where is Tyler? I need my Forwood scenes. OMG the coffin is open!!!1

David and sabrina 2014

Things throughout the show have gone mysterious so far. Even though Damon will make a truce, I'm not quite sure about the role switching of Stefan and Damon. I mostly want to hope that it won't be permanent and better to see both Salvatore brothers be good vampires. Badness can't win over love and I keep believing that love will overcome badness. I'm sooooo excited to find out what else happens. =) =O =P


The quality of that video is so good *-*.


Elijah is a fool to believe Klaus he ends up dead always! He isnt strong n smart as he seems!


A truce between klaus and stefan?! I find that had to believe. The question is,what does damon stand to gain from that.

Uncle jackass

Spelling Police Check "Traier" = Trailer

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You're on speaker phone, dick.

Alaric [to Damon]

Help me destroy Stefan and I promise you our family will be whole again.