Family Guy Review: Blasphemy! Heresy! Sodomy!

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Family Guy returned on a somber note via "Livin' On A Prayer," which delivered as earnest a message as I’ve ever seen on the irreverent show, proving that perhaps some things are sacred.

Lois’s plea to save Stewie's new friend, little Scotty, was not only heartfelt but an appeal to all religious zealot parents everywhere who believe that only the power of prayer can heal their children. In the end, Lois’s earnest entreaty about the power of medicine and God convinced Ben and Hope to let Scotty receive medical help.  

Family Guy Doctor's Visit

Even tackling serious religious issues, Family Guy managed to insert some comical moments, of course. The highlight was definitely Peter dressed as Harry Potter in his attempts to be “sneaky.”

The icing on the cake was their mocking of famous drama-thriller movies and their sneak attacks. Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven will never appear the same again.

As a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie (the books, not the television series), I appreciated the opening credits and the Griffin family’s frolic through the fields. I always love it when they switch up the credits and look forward to their next installment.

While it was lacking in LOL moments, this week’s Family Guy made up for it with a genuine message. What did you think about the sitcom's foray into the serious side? Be sure to check out some of tonight's best Family Guy quotes and sound off now


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Stumbled upon this page while on youtube searching this clip. What a bunch of losers. Geezus, it's a joke. Get a life. You people trashing this episode and the sodomy line are absolutely pathetic. It takes 2 things to watch family guy. Intelligence and a sense of humor. 90% of you on this board need to turn the channel.


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so once again family guy sets up a straw man in order to give another moralizing speech by lois/brian (they are the same in these situations). because, you know, if an organized religion believed what hope believes, surely they never would have thought of the argument lois thought of...


So the episode was telling people to get chemo, which will kill them. Nice job, Family Guy. I love the show, but this is dumb. Better not to tackle serious subjects.


Kate hasn't done the last few episodes, No more Family Guy reviews or something?


@ Alex, apprently you dont know what ignorant means. Religous people are stubborn more than anything. They choose to beleive in something higher than the human race. Which lately, has been downright disgusting. So if someone wants to beleive in a higher power, let them. How many mainstream shows are on TV bashing atheism, agnoticism, or even satanism? Not many. Yet people like McFarlene and Maher feel the need to constantly attack religion.


So when is Family guy gonna be good again? This show is devolving into a social commentary/religion bashing/drama/comedy, and in that order. I miss random moments that made no sense to the plot and made me laugh my ass off. Now they just take social issues, put them to the Family Guy template, and release it. This is what south park does, and that is why I dont watch south park anymore. Family guy is getting dangerously close to that.


Another very preachy episode, and on a topic that at its core (refusing medical treatment for religious reasons), is not really all that controversial (and as pointed out, they didn't have their key facts straight). Once again, the writers resolve to beating up the straw man on religious issues. The majority of the few jokes were flat. I think the first minute and a half was the best part. It's strange to me how the family, who usually resolves to say "let people be themselves" keep going into various cultures this season (Amish and now christian scientists) and tell them how their way of life is inferior.
And for the record, I'm not a christian scientist, just someone wanting a comedy show to be funny, or at least feature characters that aren't annoyingly pushy.


Lois has the uncanny ability to poke her nose where it doesn't belong. The show got one thing right you can't invade on other people religion that's what America was founded on Religious Tolerance. Though if I had any kids I would get them treatment but with cancer its pretty much a gambling game anyway. Family guy has disappointed me again right after Quagmire became a dick to Brian even though he's doing the same thing Brian is. I miss the old family guy season 1 where everything was random. Their basically turning into a drama cartoon/soap opera. I wish someone would petition to fire the writers and hire the old ones back because lets face it, the new seasons stink. We watch this to not think about real world problems, to take our mind off our problems like an outlet, instead they've turned into moments of pure unhappiness and in today's world we need a little laughter to help us along.


Michael-- Don't bother commenting on any topic involving the English language. You have an incredibly poor grasp of it, and nobody takes you seriously.

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