Family Guy Review: Blasphemy! Heresy! Sodomy!

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Family Guy returned on a somber note via "Livin' On A Prayer," which delivered as earnest a message as I’ve ever seen on the irreverent show, proving that perhaps some things are sacred.

Lois’s plea to save Stewie's new friend, little Scotty, was not only heartfelt but an appeal to all religious zealot parents everywhere who believe that only the power of prayer can heal their children. In the end, Lois’s earnest entreaty about the power of medicine and God convinced Ben and Hope to let Scotty receive medical help.  

Family Guy Doctor's Visit

Even tackling serious religious issues, Family Guy managed to insert some comical moments, of course. The highlight was definitely Peter dressed as Harry Potter in his attempts to be “sneaky.”

The icing on the cake was their mocking of famous drama-thriller movies and their sneak attacks. Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven will never appear the same again.

As a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie (the books, not the television series), I appreciated the opening credits and the Griffin family’s frolic through the fields. I always love it when they switch up the credits and look forward to their next installment.

While it was lacking in LOL moments, this week’s Family Guy made up for it with a genuine message. What did you think about the sitcom's foray into the serious side? Be sure to check out some of tonight's best Family Guy quotes and sound off now


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As a long time fan of family guy, I have to say this was the worst episode I have seen to date. There were some humorous moments, but the overall plot was less than impressive. I miss the days when Family Guy was intelligently put together with random jokes and subtle jabs at controversial subjects. Today it just seems to be entire episodes dedicated to serve a one sided point of view. And for the record, as a actual Christian Scientist, we do not neglect proper care for ourselves or our children. If we cannot heal ourselves through prayer, we will go to a doctor for help. That is always a option regardless of what the writers for Family Guy say. Just praying and hoping to get well is not what we are about (as if anybody here cares).


@Drew It's true that it's illegal for parents to refuse life saving treatment for their kids. However, even though the situational context was fictional (at least in relation to America)the message was clear: religious people are ignorant. I, for one, am glad that Seth Mcfarlene isn't easing up on religion.


The rock thing was obviously for the The Flintstones reboot.


It's illegal for parents to refuse life-saving treatment for children (e.g. a blood transfusion for a child of a Jehovah's Witness when the child is hemorrhaging). This episode simply engineered a ridiculous situation to pair with religious characters to make religious people in general appear crazy and criminal by simple association. It's disgusting. The Family Guy writers seem so inexplicably enraged by people who believe in God and practice religion that they resort to grade-school tactics to vilify them.


@Michael He wasn't stealing your comment, he was correcting it because your English was so bad. If you want people to take you seriously, do it with language that wouldn't get you an F on a 3rd grade paper. Aside from the grammar issues, there are many people who actually do refuse medical attention because they believe in the power of prayer. My grandmother's friend died because she had a minor injury that she refused to get treated. Also, why did you capitalize "Nothing." Seriously, what was the thought process there?


@Aaron not cool to steal other people comment come up with your own


"Seth Macfalrlane prove one again he know Nothing about religious but i mean he a bully so who care" *proved
*. [delete "but"]
* [insert comma after "bully"

@ Aaron

You forgot to note that MacFarlane wasn't spelled correctly, and that "one" should be "once," and that "Nothing" shouldn't be capitalized. If you're going to proofread someone's grammar, you should take the time to do it properly so you don't look like a halfwit.


Seth Macfalrlane prove one again he know Nothing about religious but i mean he a bully so who care


Family guy is back on form. After watching season 3 on dvd the night before this could of easilly slotted in there. One thing I will say is when a person hgets shot in the head you don't have to show the hole with the brain, in a season 3 episode peter got his head cut off by a frisbee no blood no detail and it was funnier because it wasn't so graphic. Other than that what a fabulous episode, long may they make episodes like these.


To begin with, I DO NOT say this about every new episode of a current TV show that I watch, but...I LOVED the new Family Guy episode of Livin' On A Prayer!!! From beginning to end!!! It was truly heartfelt and poignant without being too depressing. AWESOME!!! My favorite part of the episode was the opening credits. By the way, NICE HOMAGE to Little House On The Prairie (one of my all-time favorite TV shows from the 1970's)!!! I especially LOVED the part where and when Stewie accidentally fell down while running through those fields and then he started complaining. CLASSIC Stewie!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seth MacFarlane...dude, ya' did an EXCEPTIONAL job with this new episode!!! Again...AWESOME!!! As always, this is Jaybird369 saying...Peace-Out.

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