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Although Stewie may forever be a baby, Meg became an adult on this week's Family Guy. The Griffins celebrated such momentous steps into womanhood by taking their daughter to the Teen Choice Awards and attempting to preserve her childhood. 

A Freaky Date

I have to congratulate Family Guy for its awesome parody and homage to the said awards. Having been a teenager not too long ago, I can appreciate how it must appear to those without the raging hormones of teen-dom. From the host “Lady Hair Douche-ton,” to the psychotic teenage girls drooling over Robert Pattinson, the Family Guy version was pretty accurate.

I absolutely loved tonight’s focus on "Meg and Quagmire," two characters who seldom interact but are hilarious together. Meg as the desperate, lonely teenager starved for male attention, and Quagmire as his womanizing self, was a dynamic combination that didn’t take the creep factor too far.  

Quagmire’s text-seduction of Meg and his impressive ability to act like a generic teenager was both unnerving and funny. After all, doesn’t modern teenage romance happen over Facebook and texts these days? Is it weird that Quagmire (and Family Guy) knows that? Maybe a little... but Quagmire the “Vagician” is all about adapting to the situation.  

It was a nice touch for the show to involve more of the Griffins in the budding affair. In contrast to their normal lack of affection for Meg, both Lois and Peter acted like good, concerned parents tonight. Peter was up in arms at the thought of his daughter dating a “wiener” like Quagmire, while Lois played her “wise mother” card.  

The show is off to a strong start in 2012. What did you think about Meg's foray into adulthood? Be sure to check out some of the best Family Guy quotes of the night and react now!


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The episodes from this season are just getting dark and strange... this one included. I miss the lighter humor... season ten is eerie...


What episode of family guy has the teen choice awards. With the teenage girls going crazy??!??


I agree this episode had no continuity with other episodes but since when do cartoons need conyinuity? It's not a drama it's a comedy cartoon. The characters have changed so much since it started and no one moans. As for being offended by a threat of mutilation is this the first time you Have watched family guy? That is the LEAST likely thing to take offence at. The fact wasn't that she was having sx, but sx with quagmire who is a disease bag player. If it was say, cleveland they wouldn't have been half as bothered. The week after quagmire and joe go to the pub, and everythings back to normal. It's a damn cartoon.


It's a cartoon. Not too sure people watch it for life guidance. You might want to dial it back a bit


I'm officially never watching Family Guy again. The jokes weren't funny, the writing has gotten lazy, and there was practically no continuity with other episodes. Worst of all, the episode ends with Peter and Lois kicking in Quagmire's door, threatening to mutilate him, and forcing Meg in their car and taking her home. In this episode, Meg turns 18. As such, she is considered an adult and should be capable of making her own decisions. Many millions of people watch this show and this is just going to reinforce the idea that grown adults should just listen to their parents because they can't make decisions for themselves. Is the idea of a close friend having sex with your daughter disturbing? Hell yeah it is. However, if she's an adult, you really do not have a say. What disgusting, moralistic nonsense. Let's save the anti-freedom agenda for Christian fundamentalists.

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"You don't now how smooth Quagmire is...he's like a vagician!"


Teen Choice Awards Announcer: "Now your host: Lady Hair Douche-ton!"