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My 10 year old daughter LOVES Michael Jackson...believable. :O)


I don't know if normal kids their age would be THAT into MJ, but particularly with the revival of his music after his death, they could be just discovering its awesomeness. I liked the episode for the covers, which I didn't think were bad. I did appreciate that Sebastian became an actual villain, instead of just a romantic foil for Kurt and Blaine; sometimes a show needs someone to hate as much as it needs someone to love.

I will add this: I think the show works best when they're preparing for competition or in the competition. It was nice to hear that they were even thinking about Regionals, because week after week, I find myself forgetting that they're supposed to be facing off against other clubs to ultimately win Nationals. Like Matt said, if the numbers would stop being so concert-like, I probably wouldn't roll my eyes as much during the episodes.


I agree. The song Artie did was just very random and just took up screentime.
Rachel and Finn's song was good but their storyline in this episode felt not as important so I really did roll my eyes whenever I hear them talking about the proposal.
I was never a fan of Sam and Mercedes because to me it didn't feel like they had a thing going. The song was good though but was just super cheesy .

Hands down, the best performance of the night, aka the one scene that saved this episode for me Sanatan and Sebastian's performance of "Smooth Criminal". I must not be the only one that felt major sexual tension between them, lol. Their chemistry was amazing. I hope to see more of them together bickering in the future. I love Brittany and Santana but I wanted him to kiss her at the end of that song, haha. Anyway, amazing performance. This and Rumor Has It/ Somebody Like You and Suvivor Mah up are my favorite performances this season. Santana is awesome!


My 16 year old knows and likes Michael Jackson. So yes. It is totally believable.


i took the look rachel had when kurt said something about finn that she remembered she said yes and was regretting it bc she only did it thinking she got rejected. i forsee a break up in their future bc you can't bounce back easily from deciding not to marry someone. hope they make it though love finchel

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