Golden Globe Award Winners Include Homeland, Downton Abbey and More!

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After being compared to Kim Kardashian by host Ricky Gervais (in comparison to the Oscars as Kate Middleton, of course), the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards handed out hardware to a number of TV shows and stars tonight.

Read on for a full list of winners, return later on Monday for more reaction and visit our friends at Movie Fanatic for the big screen side of things.

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Best Drama Series

Best Actor in a Drama
Kelsey Grammer, Boss

Best Actress in a Drama
Claire Danes, Homeland

Best Actor in a Comedy
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

Best Actress in a Comedy
Laura Dern, Enlightened

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

Best TV Movie or Miniseries
Downton Abbey

Best Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Idris Elba, Luther

Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce

Best Comedy Series
Modern Family

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If Homeland or Game of Thrones won, I would not have minded. Sure enough, Homeland won, and that is a totally respectable choice. Excellent, excellent season. Let's be real here: most of the cream of the crop of TV is on cable. HBO, Showtime, AMC. Sure, there are mediocre shows on those networks, but there are far fewer than on network. No need to water down awards that are generally watered downed to begin with simply because fewer people watch these shows.


I'm sorry. I watch Homeland and love it BUT Madeline Stowe for Revenge should have won. She is the heart and soul of her show through her character. Danes is great but can not compete


Mixed feelings about this. The HFPA did a great job on awarding Idris Elba. I really didn't expect that, but well deserved. Peter Dinklage, Claire Danes, Homeland. No complaints.
For what it's worth, I really wonder how the Globes can ignore Breaking Bad. Well, At least Bryan Cranston got nominated (for the first time) and I know, he can't win everything. Still feel like the HFPA just nominated him because it would be embarrasing not to mention Breakin Bad. And I think Aaron Paul is almost equally as terrific by the way. (Actually, the whole ensemble rocks). Enough about my BB-obsession.
Haven't seen the show, but what I saw from Gervais was quite funny. He's brilliant anyway and it's impossible to please everyone.


I agree with Lou Ann. I have only seen one of the shows on the list - Modern Family. Maybe it is time to have seperate awards for Network TV and Cable Network.


It is getting to be just cable network show win awards anymore.. They might have better programming but many of us don't have HBO, SHOWTIME, ect and have never seen these shows or never even heard of them.. I see no point in watching the award show anymore for that very reason.. Oh well, that is my complaint for the day.. I didn't watch last night




I just knew that Jessica Lange would win for America Horror Story, she is just wonderful in that role...all my best Ms. Lange.


Gervais was funny.


Kelsey Grammer, Claire Danes and Matt LeBlanc winning... what year is this? Claire and Matt I agree with but Brian Cranston should've won best actor.


How did Damian Lewis NOT win for best actor??? And I wanted ANY other actress than Laura Dern to win for best actress, there were some amazing nominees in that category.