Gossip Girl 100th Episode Dream Sequence Pics: Released!

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The CW has just released a new series of photos from the much-touted 100th episode event, featuring Blake Lively as Serena - or should we say Marilyn Monroe - with Nate, Chuck and Louis as her backup dancers.

The setting for this unexpected scene, as first reported after a set video somehow leaked earlier this season, is Blair's foyer. The chorus line alone would be noteworthy, but that's not all: Queen B shows up too!

With Serena portraying Marilyn and singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," Blair appears as Audrey Hepburn a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the two supposedly start a tug of war over ... Dan.

Check out the earlier 100th episode photos we posted from the January 30 event, "G.G.", then click to enlarge the new set below and see if you think Blake makes a convincing '50s / '60s bombshell:

Serena the Goddess
Serena's Dream
Serena's Dream Sequence
Serena the Goddess
Serena in a Pink Dress

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@Jonas, I read your comments, but I completely disagree. They have absolutely no chemistry and can you imagine Dan with Queen B?! It would never happen. I can see them being friends, but come on!! Chuck and Blair belong together.


He wasn't doing it to humiliate her at all. He was just trying to figure out what the hell was going on! They were together and she left him while he was recovering in the hospital and now she's completely shutting him out. I think he has the right to know why Blair is doing that. Poor Chuck!


I agree with @Jonas, Yeah. I loved the way Dan loves Blair, It's unconditional in spite the way Blair treats her, right? And chuck, come on! This things wouldn't happen if you didn't let go of Blair in the first place? seriously, Blair chose you already, and now Blair's now suffering. I'm a big fan of CHAIR, but Chuck please, next time you're going to decide on things, man it up.


@Jonas If someone told you they loved you and wanted to be with you for the rest of their lives and completely cut you off and stopped talking to you you'd probably want to get to the bottom of why that happened. Perhaps there was some fault in him showing the pictures to Louis but it doesn't mean he hasn't changed. He still has faults as they all do. I'm sure Blair isn't done scheming. It's part of why they're a good fit. Even they've said that.
Everything since season one has worked up to them being together in the end. It's fine with me if people like Dan/Blair but I think they'll be let down if they don't think this show has always been leading up to Chuck/Blair.


but here's the thing, his action in 5x11 proves that he has not change. Stalking, scheming and are willing to embarrass/humiliate Blair. That behavior is not mature or redemption in my book, and threat to Dan was really nice to.


@Jonas I can't remember exactly, he sent fake info to gossip girl about Blair and Jack in season 4. In real life of course the video is no big deal. But in the silliness of this fictional show, it was really important in Blair's mind that no one see the video. We'll have to agree to disagree on Dan. I think he did a lot of shady stuff. Chuck was horrible in a lot of ways, but to overcome his personal demons is admirable. People can redeem themselves. Anyway, there's a reason Blair loves Chuck. Love isn't always easy and fun. As Blair said, the great loves are the crazy ones.


@ Aj
to blame upbringing, it's just cheap excuses, what happened to the basic common sense. Never said that Dan was perfect but he is twice the man compared to Chuck. When did Dan send that GG blast? (I can't remember that one)
Yes, but he confessed to Chuck what he had done, so with this knowledge he could fix that. (and btw he did it because V told him what they did to her)
But please, that karaoke video was nothing. You should hear me sing karaoke, it happens 2-3 times a year when I'm really drunk. It is really heinous, I can imagine if a dog could hear me, it would commit suicide. :)


@Jonas Dan hasn't been perfect. He sabotaged Blair's "I love you" to Chuck in season 2 just to hurt her. He sent fake gossip girl blasts to hurt her. He looked at Chuck and Blair's treaty and stole and used the video of her to embarrass her infront of her party.
The things Chuck did are terrible and wrong and largely to do with his upbringing. He seeked help and therapy to become a better person. That counts for a lot in my opinion.


can't wait for this i think this will be fabulous.. i think the reason serena also wanted attention from boys or from other people is because when she was gowing up she never really had parents that gave attention to her that's why she is craving for it so bad. also i believe that her jealousy has merit because let's be real who won't be jealous if the one person you want or at least loved is in love with someone, much more to your own best friend. i was a derena shipper but i hope the show gives serena a real love interest someone special who really loves her like louis is to blair. ( not as boring as louis i hope and without a horrible accent)

Dr hollis

Maybe this isn't about shipping (for once). Maybe it's about Serena being the center of attention, once again, instead of Blair. Blair in G.G. is supposedly like Kate Middleton -- a commoner becoming royalty. Perhaps Serena was the most chased after girl on the UES in the beginning, but now, Blair will be a princess. Serena's deep down issues with that likely extend WAY beyond just wanting Dan. One of my favorite Gossip Girl VO's from season 1 was: "So what will it be? Truce or consequences? We all know one nation can't have two queens." Or two princesses...

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