Gossip Girl 100th Episode Teaser: A Wedding Primer

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The promos keep on coming for Gossip Girl's century-mark milestone Monday.

We've seen a special Chuck Bass promo for the big day and a great Blair Waldorf promo as well. Now the latest version focuses squarely on the impending royal wedding ... and Prince Louis and his accent. Yay?

Check out the new teaser for "G.G." below as the epic event draws near ...

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I absolutely HATE your new wbstiee. Where do I sign in? where are the points and the other posters? This sucks. I use to really enjoy your site, but now not so much. I had fun trying to get more points and be higher on the board than other posters.


This promo was cool... but I don't know, I really miss a 'Non-judging breakfast club' moment.


WEINER! ahahhaha lovee that!


That was actually very funny! I love how no one can understand Louis' accent.


I'm French, well.. Quebecer, and even I can't understand half of what Louis says...


This is awesome!


LOL!!! It's pretty sad when the promos are better than the actual show, but I'll take my amusement where I can get it.


I have spoken french for over 7 years and even I can't understand Louis, it's sad actually.


Lol I speak Frenglish way better than Louis. Anyway that little promo made me giggle more than any episodes of this season.


CW can't even deny the fact that no one can understand Louis....LOL
I'm hoping this is Louis' last hurrah!

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