Gossip Girl 100th Episode Spoiler: What is the Big Twist?

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode airs Monday. Maybe you've heard?

The anticipation has been building throughout the season as the royal wedding milestone event nears. For all the promos, sneak previews and clips from "G.G." released so far, visit our Gossip Girl video section.

Now let's talk spoilers, people. A mega-bombshell in particular.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes, "There is a ginormous revelation during the episode that could go down as one of the show’s biggest, most jaw-dropping twists in history. And it’s not directly tied to the nuptials."

How's that for a tease?

Marrying Louis

What revelation might that be? The true results of the paternity test? The true author of Louis' vows? Could it the "bad thing" Serena tells Dan she did as they walk down the aisle - and what's that? Is Georgina involved?

So many questions, so few answers for another four days. But until then, we want to hear what you make of this supposedly epic reveal! Sound off with your theories, predictions and opintions below!

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that shocking reveal will be about the real CHARLIE RHODES!
Diana will be Chucks aunt, sister or something not his mother! that would be creepy cause what happened with Nathaniel!:p
And Georgina will tell ALL ABOUT THE WEEDING VOWS!


Along the lines of the marriage, has anybody considered that she MAY go through with the wedding THEN find out Dan wrote the vows.


Maybe it has something to do with Jenny?? She has been out of the picture for a while. And of course Georgina as it mentions on several sites that she comes back. Obviously shes coming back for a reason, and shes always full of big surprises... no surprise there!


serena betrays blair, we find out who gossip girl is, blair chooses none of her suiters and runs away- hence the photos of 5.14 of her in the sweat shirt

Chair fan

I think that we find out the baby was Chucks or that Diana is actually his mother cos when the accident happened Jack calls her and tells her he wouldn't otherwise if it wasn't any emergency


@ CrAZychicke: Good that I´m not the only one who feels this way. ;) And thanks for the link! I love hilariously bad fanfiction.


@dover - HAHAHAHA your comments are hilarious and i agree with most of them! For everyone who needs a laugh... (if anyone's read bad fanfiction.. you'll get it) You might even get it if you think this is what GG has become... Enjoy! http://youtu.be/BMbjK1m6alg

Uncle jackass

@chairthrough, I like coherent Chair speculation so long as it makes sense, but you did see the discussion in the "Backup Dan" didn't you? Chuck is escorted to Blair in a hotel by Georgina where he pleads for Blair to make a decision. Neither Blair and Chuck seem happy and it is thus implied by the episode recap that Blair has to make "a difficult decision that will hurt those she loves the most." I'm getting the feeling that the marriage goes through...


Ok, personally I think that the secret will be Diana related.
Blair will realise she only wants Chuck and somehow she will find out Dan wrote the vows. Shell leave Louis and go see Chuck, and theyll get back together. Then shell realise Dans love and that will be the difficult decision she makes will be who to choose, and Georgina will meddle a bit. But then Serena will tell her she still loves Dan, and B will put their friendship first and return to Chuck realizing that she fell in love with the idea of Dan (he is a great guy) but she belongs with Chuck.


i hope that chuck was the father.....

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