Gossip Girl 100th Episode Spoiler: What is the Big Twist?

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode airs Monday. Maybe you've heard?

The anticipation has been building throughout the season as the royal wedding milestone event nears. For all the promos, sneak previews and clips from "G.G." released so far, visit our Gossip Girl video section.

Now let's talk spoilers, people. A mega-bombshell in particular.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes, "There is a ginormous revelation during the episode that could go down as one of the show’s biggest, most jaw-dropping twists in history. And it’s not directly tied to the nuptials."

How's that for a tease?

Marrying Louis

What revelation might that be? The true results of the paternity test? The true author of Louis' vows? Could it the "bad thing" Serena tells Dan she did as they walk down the aisle - and what's that? Is Georgina involved?

So many questions, so few answers for another four days. But until then, we want to hear what you make of this supposedly epic reveal! Sound off with your theories, predictions and opintions below!

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What about Chuck's Mom is Diane Payne/Elizabeth Hurley.


I wish the twist was that all of season 5 was just a bad dream one of the characters were having.


dover, that is the question of the century. Why introduce Louis at all? And then introduce a pact with God? Most ridiculous storyline ever.


it has something to do with serena i did something bad maybe she changed paternity test or i dont know men


Either Louis is the father of G's baby or Dan was the father of B's


@ dr. holland: I agree. I would literally facepalm if something like this would happen. I just don´t understand why anyone let it go this far. And why is Chuck treated as the villain again? Serena threw him out when he wanted to talk to Blair. What the hell? She knows that Blair loves him. Why isn´t she trying to stop this sham of a wedding?

Dr hollis

@Yusra - if I were Chuck, I wouldn't go to this traveshamockery either. The only thing I ask (beg) of the writers is not to have a cliched, cheesy, hammy "I object!" in the middle of the ceremony from Chuck, Dan, Georgina, Cavalia, or anyone else. But knowing these writers, all four of them will pop up. Sigh.


Forever dair. I love them. Please make this two happen!


OMG..........why isn't chuck comin?????????????

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