Gossip Girl 100th Episode Spoiler: What is the Big Twist?

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode airs Monday. Maybe you've heard?

The anticipation has been building throughout the season as the royal wedding milestone event nears. For all the promos, sneak previews and clips from "G.G." released so far, visit our Gossip Girl video section.

Now let's talk spoilers, people. A mega-bombshell in particular.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes, "There is a ginormous revelation during the episode that could go down as one of the show’s biggest, most jaw-dropping twists in history. And it’s not directly tied to the nuptials."

How's that for a tease?

Marrying Louis

What revelation might that be? The true results of the paternity test? The true author of Louis' vows? Could it the "bad thing" Serena tells Dan she did as they walk down the aisle - and what's that? Is Georgina involved?

So many questions, so few answers for another four days. But until then, we want to hear what you make of this supposedly epic reveal! Sound off with your theories, predictions and opintions below!

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As a Dair fan, I wouldn't be too happy about Chuck talking to Blair but whatever keeps her from marrying Loius works for me (which is looking really likely now).


I think that after Blair has cold feet, Eleneor brings Chuck to talk to her.


i'm not gonna make any theory buh just to say with all the dramas that the spoilers have hinted...wouldn't it look forced and too much even fast paced for one episode....just saying


@Mysterious josh said that chuck have to fight for blair throughtout the whole season 5, so they won't get married in the 100th episode.


@blanche there is a rumor that after the wedding blair went to dan which make sense because he is wearing one of his jackets


@lovechairscenes the wedding is not about chair.

Uncle jackass

@xmeg816x, those pics of a wedding ringed Blair were released during the Christmas break. I since been praying for the some plan where the marriage can be annulled or it was incorrectly registered properly as a civil marriage (due to Georgina scheming). But if it does happen (as a concerned Dair fan), I wonder which character is okay with performing adultery with Blair? There are some clues about what happens next in upcoming episodes 14 and 15 from the episode recap from TV fanatic right now.


maybe something changes once the wedding occurs,possibly she learns chuck was the father of her baby and louise never told her. I know some of you think that wouldn't be important because the baby died but i think the death of what she believed was her and louis' baby was part of the reason she still felt obligated to marry him. the only other thing i can think of is she learns dan wrote her vows and is off to look for him (wouldn't be my cup of tea but just a theory). I don't know I think writers would be stupid dto make the wedding occur. Regardless of who everyone ships, NO ONE ships Louis and Blair and I hope they aren't just trying to shock everyone by letting the wedding happen, because honestly with the way this show has been going it would be more of a shock if they actually gave the fans what they want.


i just found the worst thing possible...for dair and chair fans alike!. it is video of stills from this weeks episodes, taken outside the "just married" car, with louise and blair kissing...its at night so it isn't like it is the morning before. she is no longer in her wedding dress and it doesn't look like a goodbye kiss. and looking at the stills of her running out into the streets...they aren't her running out of the church. unless it is her coming out of the empire in search of chuck the scene takes place at the st regis where the reception is because it definitly is at a hotel because there is one point where people are walking in with luggage behind her. breaks my heart but i think all signs are pointing to she is gonna marry louise.

Dr hollis

Hope the twist isn't related to relationships OR paternity tests, personally. This show has had enough of that for a while. I think it's real Charlie related, too. Does anyone know if Ivy's in the ep?

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