Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Bachelorette Party Time!

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[Awesome] Spoiler alert: Chuck Bass lives!

Gossip Girl returns with an all-new episode a week from tonight. In "The End of the Affair," Chuck fights for his life after the accident, while Nate investigates its origins and Blair has a dress fitting (see promo and photos).

The following week, Blair prepares to celebrate her upcoming royal wedding with a crazy bachelorette party, but others scheme behind her back to make this a night to remember. As you can see below, Chuck is ... lurking!

Also in this episode - the 99th in the show's five seasons, and the last before the royal wedding - Nate discovers the truth behind Chuck and Blair’s car accident, and joins forces with a surprising ally to gather the evidence.

Any theories? Share them below - and check out these pics from "Father and the Bride":

Blair's Bachelorette Party
Blair's Wedding Nears
B's Hat
Chuck and Blair Talk
Chuck Creepin'

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Kimberly anne

I think Blair is like really hurting on the inside. She can't be marrying Louis because she actually LOVES him like she does Chuck. She is trying to put on a strong face for everyone including Chuck. Her getting arrested is probably her breaking point in that episode.


Where in the world is Serena? Does anyone recognize the people at this bachelorette party? I can't tell if those women are minions from previous seasons... why not ask Penelope, Hazel, and Nelly Yuki back as guest stars? Sigh, another ep, another chance for GGwriters to #epicfail again.


Monday's episode is supposed to be inspired by a book made movie name the end of the affair which is the same name as the episode of Gossip Girl
The protagonist does a prayer asking god that if it allows that his alive lover she continues with his husband
So it is supposed that Blair is going to do a prayer asking god that Chuck lives. And the promise that should to him do God is that if Chuck lives she marries Louis
So it is supposed that for this motive Blair continues forward with the wedding with Louis
Of fact they can see the movie the end of the affair in order that they see the similarities that the movie has with the episode that they are going to release this Monday


Blair has turned so fake! I don't get how this unravels after she declared her love to Chuck. I don't know how she can easily go back to that pussy Louis!


nate maybe teams up with gossip girl?? no??


i think it is daiana but its ivys falt she can die


@Derena is LOVE!! It might be her sister-in-law, Princess Beatrice, since she hates Blair and that :)


I dont understand who would go behind Blair's back to make her night memorable??No jenny no vanessa no sign of Georgina than who??
Cant be Daiana right??


Nate teams up with either Jack or Diana.

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