Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Blair in Vera Wang!

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A batch of Gossip Girl photos from the show's winter premiere (January 16) have just been released and offer our best look to date at Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, appropriately designed by Vera Wang.

The famed New York-based designer even appears in one of the pictures!

In addition to Vera, fans will surely be speculating about Dan and Chuck's appearances (along with a lurking Louis) in the photos below, some of which appear to show B at a dress fitting. Very interesting.

After the crash that ended the midseason finale, could some or all of this be taking place in a dream? Like the earlier set photos of Blair in the street, the certainly look "real" to us, but we'll see in 13 days.

For now, click to enlarge the photos from "The End of the Affair" and comment below:

A Blair, Dan Photo
Blair's Wedding Dress
Chuck Looking On
Blair on the Street
The Maid of Honor
Leighton, Penn and Vera Wang
Blair in Her Wedding Dress
B's Wedding Dress

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wow...geez...to the person who just spammed this wall with the last 10 or so entries....you must really hate dan...or be a massive obsessed fan of chucks. spamming is fine, but please don't do it so obviously....yours are all a minute apart, try timing your spam to maybe 4 minutes apart^^. also try and be more inventive with your nicknames, maybe even throw in some odd spelling. or better yet why don't you just condense everything you wrote into one post....i mean you'd still get your point across.


Dair!!! :) and to all haters out there, don't watch we don't care


Dear Child, stop spamming just because you're butthurt with no CB interaction. Just quit watching the show. No one cares!

Uncle jackass

@Pty, Sadly for me, GG isn't my favorite show at all. It ranks Luke-warm right now since the the untimely and unnecessary death of Blair's fictitious baby. I'll watch to wait for better plots and the "redemption saga" of the writers and producers (vicarious or otherwise). Til then there is always TVD.


Gossip Girl is nothing without Chuck and Blair


I think I might have to break up with Gossip Girl for blame of Dan and Blair


Why the have to force the stupid DB relationship.


The next Episode will hard,anyway we´ll get over it! While there's life, there's hope,there´s CHUCK and there´s great LOVE


I love when DBers say Chair fans are ''butthurt'' then it turns out they gloated over nothing . Remember 5.10? ''You are all I ever wanted''


Blair's cheated on Louis three times, stop making her look like a hoe and put her with the right man, Chuck. Stop trolling

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