Gossip Girl Photos: "The Backup Dan"

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Amid all the excitement building for next Monday night, a few photos have been released for the episode AFTER the royal wedding on Gossip Girl. The title of the February 6 installment: "The Backup Dan."

Dan is nowhere in sight in these first three photos, however. Nor is Louis.

Chuck is very much present, as is Georgina (who is reportedly sticking around for the next two weeks at least). Blair is in the photos too, of course, still in "wedding hair" and sitting in a hotel ... we think.

What sort of clues do these photos offer about the wedding episode? Will Blair actually go through with it? If she doesn't, which looks increasingly likely, what prompts her to call it off at the last second?

Check out the images below and see what you think ...

Blair Post-Wedding
Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
Chuck and Georgina Pic

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OMG it can totally be dan's hoodie. admit it. he's the only one in the show who prob has one (or maybe nate). but definitely not blair or chuck. ahhhh wishful thinking!


She looks so cute in Dan's hoodie. DAIR!


OMG I AM SO EXCITED I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!! IT LOOKS LIKE SHE RAN AWAY FROM THE WEDDING (THANK GOD) Haha i love seeing georgina there, maybe she's trying to help Blair and Chuck, hope so!!! OMG CHAIR


@juliette haha that's a possibility...he's definitely in character as Chuck though. I think it's a real scene, but I have no idea what it means...I never thought I'd see Blair in a hoodie, but she pulls it off!


That hoodie Blair's wearing is from Dan.


If those Chair pictures are off set pictures(Blair and hoodie...I don't think so) I'm just gonna be laughing so hard.


@amy they are keep the best stuff hidden until the episode airs


The way Chuck's holding onto both arms of the chair, on one knee, and Blair in between, it's such an intimate position for those two to be in. Those two, the chemistry. I know we've said it a million times over but the chemistry is AMAZE.


Notice Blairs hair looks almost identical as it did on her wedding day.. And its unlike Blair to wear Hoodies... Just saying


wonder if its Georgina!!!!!

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