Gossip Girl Post-Wedding Episode Synopsis Released

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While whipping Gossip Girl fans into near hysteria over Monday's installment, the CW has also released the official synopsis for the show's 101st episode (February 6), after the royal wedding has come and gone.

We posted a few photos from "The Backup Dan" earlier this week. Now, the episode summary:

  • Blair must make a difficult decision about her future, the consequences of which could hurt those she loves most.
  • Serena takes the blame for an incident with Gossip Girl in order to protect someone she loves.
  • Georgina smells the scent of scandal and decides to follow its trail.
Chuck and Georgina Pic

Vague, which makes sense considering the mystery surrounding Monday night's "G.G." Clearly, Georgina will be a major factor in these next few episodes, as is Gossip Girl herself. The only question is how.

What do you think Blair's decision is, and what are its consequences? Share your theories with us surrounding these teasers, and the more imminent drama set to play out Monday night, in the comments below!

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Just let CHAIR happen and focus on other characters. Everyone else seems to be floating in the wind. Only CHAIR are consistant with their love for eachother.


@dover i agree, and if there is another season than that means more stupid obstacles for chair. i would like them to get together in the finale and then have them be a happy/kinky couple for the rest of season 6.


I think that's exactly what the writers are going to do. If we're lucky we will maybe get to see happy chair for two episodes at the end of next season. And that will be it! And to waste the 100th episode on Blair marrying Louis, a boring character that nobody likes. I mean Blouis shippers don't even exist so nobody is actually excited for the royal wedding. I just don't get the creators of this show. You can call me crazy but up until recently I had hope that maybe chair would get married in the 100th episode. But now I am convinced that I will be so disappointed not only because there won't be a chair reunion, but worse than that we will see Dair happen. And I guess after this episode the writers will continue this "will they or won't they" storyline...it really is frustrating and exhausting! I guess I'm a fool because I still can't give up on Chair;-)


@ Ilovechair: I know what you mean! I´m just afraid that if Chair are endgame, they will only get together at the very end of the series. The writers seem to think that the chase and the “will they or won´t they� is chair´s only appeal but I completely disagree with this! They have so many issues that they could deal with together. And they are two of the wittiest and funniest characters on the show, so together they would be even more amazing and awesome. Even happily together Chair could make for both amusing and tragic storylines! I just hope to see them as an actual couple. And thanks for the comment by the way ;)


You are definitely not alone. There are a lot of chair fans out there who feel the same way as we do! And thank you for writing your comments I really enjoy reading them:-)
I just don't understand how so many wonderful CB fanfiction writers can write wonderful, interesting and believable stories with Chuck and Blair being together, making their relationship work and just being happily in love. So why on earth can the gg writers who get paid for it not do it?


@ Ilovechair: It´s nice to know that there are people who feel the same. I´ve rooted for Chair since the beginning of the series and was against Dair being together romantically but this storyline is just so exhausting and boring. I just don´t care anymore.


@dissme4 Go Away


I agree with you, Ed and Leighton deserve better storylines.
My thoughts exactly! Blair has been my favourite character until now. She used to be tough, bitchy and ambitious, now she is just indecisive and volatile, in short she is Serena. I hate this "Blair is the new Serena" storyline, I liked Blair because she was different from Serena. I want Chair to be together but at this point I'm not even sure if I want Chuck to fight for her. The writers want to please every fanbase chair, dair, derena but they keep failing constantly. So I think the writers should choose one route they want to go down and do it consequently for the rest of the season. I completely agree with you the writers should let Blair decide who she wants to be with and then move on to more exciting storylines.


It's too hard right now to know what will happen. Blair will probably take the decision of staying with Louis because that's how this show rolls these days and that would hurt Chuck. Serena might be protecting Dan, Blair or even Charlie/Ivy (remember she tipped GG about Chuck and Blair running away, maybe Serena takes the blame).


serena protects clearly dan
blair will choose chuck
georgina is going to scandalise =D