Gossip Girl Producer Says There is No "Endgame"

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Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran is persona non grata with many fans after two mediocre episodes (read our review of last night) and this latest interview of his won't likely be too well received.

Why? It's not what he says, but rather what he doesn't say. Much of anything.

Asked about the future of the series, the highly anticipated 100th episode and the "endgame" as far as certain couples are concerned, Safran spoke to E! recently and said the following (excerpts below):

On how long the show will last: "I'm hoping it goes another year and if it were to end then, it'd be OK. If it were to continue, I'd be super happy as well. I think we're looking at a sixth season as our hope for now."

On the upcoming season finale script: "We are not planning it or writing it as if it is the Gossip Girl series finale. There is definitely a lot more story to tell after that episode."

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On "endgame" couples: "[We have plans] but then they shift. You never know that you're going to make it to 100 episodes, so they keep shifting. Of course there are some loose ends that we'd like to tie up for sure."

"I really don't know. I'm not saying that Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] don't, but I don't want to think about endgame because when you think about where you want them to go then it's done in my head."

"It's still living for me. That's not to say that it won't end exactly the way that half the audience wants it to, unfortunately now it's half of the audience, but I just cant say for sure. I can't tie that up."

On the 100th episode: "I really wanted to pay homage to the pilot and all the episodes before, we really did our research and watched a lot of the episodes again to put in as many winks and nods [as possible]."

"I think [next week] is a really great episode and every one of our leads has a full story."

Well, what do you think will happen next week? And who do you think is endgame?

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I don't know who is endgame but I am hoping for Dan and Blair he understands her and really loves her for who she is, Chuck has hurt her way too many times, and Dan's just so sweet they have so much in common and they are all around just perfect for each other when I heard part of the vows that Dan ghost wrote for Louie it made me more sure of that fact. Dan and Blair all the way and hopefully end game when the show ends. Chuck was Blair's first love but not necessary her one true love. I think it is Dan even though Blair denies there's anything between them I have a feeling she will no longer deny them when she finds out that Dan wrote those vows not her husband to be.


I can see where JS is coming from he doesn't want to commit to any one couple because if he does then it makes the fact that the show might be ending soon more real. Whether it's this season or next season the truth of the matter is the show can't go on forever like the cliche saying goes "all good things must come to an end". I feel like there is no way all of these actors are going to stick around once all of there contracts run out and I know they are only contractually obligated for one more season. Once they start trying to replace characters I start to lose interest which is why I think they should end it after the sixth season if they get one. I mean I was annoyed when they made Charlie/Ivy a main character I just felt like why is this person here she doesn't belong and I still don't care about any of her storylines I only care about the core characters.


cont.. from last post.
First off... I still think Dan needs to apologize to Boressa for how he treated her as he pursued the relationship and could not be a man to end it when he knew he wanted Serena again. He also believe Chivy... a chick knew for two seconds over his oldest friend. How effing mature was that.
I love Dan but still judgmental as hell and last episode he automatically assume Chuck called the police (which as far I am aware Chuck did no such thing).


while I agree somewhat with pure and simple any person married would tell you marriage is not pure and simple and that ideal is what lead to alot of divorces because the fact remains marriage is complicated and work and when things get complicated it then when that dirty work comes into play and it will hurt but it will be worth it all. "Pure" and "Simple" why Hollywood couples divorce so fast after 72 days. As for Dan offering pure... I would be with you if he hadn't already offer that to all the other girls he was "in love" with. Dan's problem is he is too much into his head and does put all these girls on pedestals as he does with everyone else and when they fail he quits it. Serial Monogamist is what type of guy Dan is. I also think Dan also has savior complex and that is definitely not good for Blair. Dan also seems to have no ability just to be a chick's friend. What girl has he dated that wasn't his friend first.


@ Pure & Simple Finally the voice of reason.


Love is crazy and passionate YES but it also has to be PURE and simple, that's how most marriages last in the first place. Teens are into the angst love but as you grow older you'll see that isn't what pulls you through marriage, its the purity of love that does and I believe that is what Dan has to offer her, the kind of PURE love that I've only seen him offer in GG. I'm not some old hag either. I'm 20 but I've had my share of both the angst love & pure love. Then again it doesn't really matter what I think, the writers will do what they want and most likely it will be Chair, sadly but either outcome I hope the best for this tortured character, maybe if he changed he'd be able to offer her a peaceful life full of the "pure and simple love" Dorotta mentioned. Please do not bother writing relation comments, I will probably not see them because I hardly visit this website but I just had to voice-in this case, type my opinion. Take Care!


She is able to actually have an adult conversation with him and genuinely smile/laugh. I have yet to see a scene like that between Chuck & Blair that does not involve sex, drama, lies or schemes in the convo. I mean her whole story in GG has been drama, pain, humiliation, heartache, insecurities and the only thing I hope for her character is to see her live a happy, peaceful live. I mean, even Dorotta mentioned "Pure & Simple Love" because kids GROW UP.


I have to agree with those that hope to have seen at least some character development for Blair. I loved her from the beginning and hate to have seen how dark and full of pain her road as become alongside Chuck. There is a huge difference between "First Love" and "True Love". I loved their pairing but after all he put her through I cannot bear to think of her having to spend the rest of her life with him. I would love the Dan and Blair, they have a Harry met Sally relationship, one of the greatest movies and best love stories told. The best love comes from friendship, around Dan she is carefree, peaceful - something I have not seen Blair be in a while.


Dair or Chair, I don't care. In the end, we'll see 'em there. Writers know how to twist their story-lines. @maggiedowll , I know this is an old case I shouldnt bring up, but dissing the fans of Dair is basically your way of saying yo aren't a creative person and you lack imagination. If the writers see Dair happening, they will go for it, if they see it as a way to bring Chair back together, sure. Either way, I will be happy for the characters and the show. You dont need to be a true fan to know that.


Oh yes, the "majority" of Gossip Girl fans are Chair fans, just like a certain "hoi polloi" in Greece who were happy to force the hemlock down Socrates' throat. The way to solve the incessant bleating of these idiots is not to pander to their desires, but to educate them, to remove the distortions and diseases of their very souls! L'amour fou indeed... and just who looks fou to you on this show? The neatly pressed, pup-bussing, desperate Chuck, robbed of all his former cynical edge? Or a wild-eyed, muppet-haired maniac who has completely abandoned his pure principles in order to join the world where his beloved revolves like a black, smoldering sun? I ask you. Educate these little cretins. The craziest thing Blair could do is... Dan.

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