Gossip Girl Producer Teases Upcoming Episodes

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Gossip Girl is finally nearing its return and executive producer Joshua Safran has a lot to say about the upcoming phase of Season 5, beginning tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.

The last we saw of Blair and Chuck, they reunited in the fall finale, but as we know from the promo pics, Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode (January 30). So what gives?

What does the future hold for Chair, how does Dan fit into the mix, and does Louis stand a chance? Excerpts from Safran's interview with TV Line (follow the link for their full interview) below ...

Chuck Looking On

On the royal wedding: "I wouldn’t say necessarily that Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode, but there definitely is an event scheduled. What happens at that event is TBD."

On the time jump between the midseason finale and right now: "You’re going to find out [Monday] what has happened. There’s a significant time jump between Episodes 10 and 11. "

"A lot of the episode is told in flashback. You’ll definitely learn why they’ve gone from professing their future plans to each other in the back of the limo to Blair walking down the aisle with Louis."

"[Monday's] episode very much takes place from Chuck and Blair’s point of view ... The decision to continue to grow and not regress becomes more of a struggle for Chuck in upcoming episodes."

On the show's dark tone: "It will definitely lighten up again, but it was a conscious choice to take it darker. As we move back towards spring again, the show will get lighter as well."

On S and B's friendship: "The 100th episode is very much about their friendship. There’s a really cute scene with the two of them on the morning of the wedding, which is really going to make fans happy."

The Maid of Honor

On whether Serena is over Dan: "I definitely do think Episode 10 started Serena on a path to look at her past, especially as it concerns her relationships and what they’ve actually meant to her."

On whether Blair will find out how in love with her Dan is: "The question of whether or not she’s in denial and knows it or whether she truly doesn’t see it will be answered in upcoming episodes."

On the Ivy story and the identity of the real Charlie: "As for the real Charlie, as of now, we do know that she is out there. Whether or not we’re going to meet her in the future, I can’t say."

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this episode wasnt really worth it, it was good seeing chuck though and how hes not gonna give up on blair. she makes a promise to god to keep chuck alive and she will keep her vow to marry louie. u can clearly tell she is not happy and she should just tell chuck the truth, i hope they end up together.. they should end the series with there wedding. and serena and dan should be togeyher

Uncle jackass

P.S God doesn't punish people. Writers punish people....

Uncle jackass

What have they done to Blair???


Really writers....


I'm a Chair fan I would like the writers to just bring them back and not pull them apart again it will be ridiculous if blair professed her love for chuck and then end up with dan that would be lame.Chuck and Blair and Blair and Chuck.


The best thing is that there was no mention of Ivy coming back. Maybe the producers have finally come to their senses of kicking her off the show. She was boring and wasted a lot of screen time. Now the real Charlie, that might me interesting. As for the wedding, we all know it is not going to happen so we might as well get over this whole "build up" and get on with the post-Louis plots.


and how is this different from...lets say....these last 5 seasons...


Team Dair!

Dr hollis

Team Chair! Only 90 more minutes...


Cant wait for tonight!!! I raise my glass to Team Chair!! Cheers

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