Gossip Girl Promo & Sneak Peek: Who Was That?

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After last night's lackluster episode, we're already moving on to next week's Gossip Girl.

To wit, a sneak preview clip is already out, and in it, Nate makes a surprising connection on the day of the wedding, even if he doesn't fully realize it yet. Remember the character we met at the end of "The End of the Affair"?

Well, it turns out that in addition to attending Julliard, she works part-time as a caterer:

Who'd have guessed the real Charlie would insert herself into the wedding episode somehow? Speaking of which, what the heck is Chivy up to? Does anyone know? Or care for that matter? She's bound to pop up as well.

That should be interesting. What also stands out about this clip is Nate's introspection as he laments failed relationships. It is true that when the most honest person he knows is Chuck Bass, the world really is turned upside down.

What role do you think Charlie will play next week? Will her identity be revealed? More importantly, will Blair's "secret pact" be revealed and what will be driving force that (inevitably) stops her wedding at the last second?

Here's the CW's promo that aired last night for next week's episode, if you missed it:

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i don't think real charlie is gg
my theory: gg is dan

Snow not so white

Georgina!!! *.*
I love every single episode with her!
Can't wait next Monday!!!
Bless us Father... we're about to sin ;)


Gossip Girl & The One Guy Who Never Sent Any Tips In To GG But Is Friends With Everbody She Stalks? This could be interesting.


gossip girl was with them before college


I actually ship NatexGossipGirl...so if Charlie is GG then let's get this flirt going...She is kind of how i imagined GG to be...Low profile...so that noone would suspect her.
But...i thought GG was a student in NY College...and Charlie goes at Juliard's...

Uncle jackass

Well we've come 180 from the end of season 2: Serena... is now the coward? (feelings for Dan)
Dan... Insider but inside with anyone.
Nate... Lonely Clark Kent (not class wh#re)
Chuck... Is now the villainous outsider?
Blair... is now Serena?


Charlie gossip girl hmmm seems interesting but not sure on that won. Nate looking better then ever,Dan not so good blah.


WOW! Nate didn't waste any time! Lola is sooooooo Gossip Girl! Clearly she's at all their events but they never really see her.


The real Charlie Rhodes is Gossip Girl. The clues are all in there. That's why Carol cannot reveal here even to her own family.


I actually really love this clip. Finally some reference to the past! I mean, I'm not necessarily a Nair fan, but they've been pretending these two don't even know each other anymore. Glad they acknowledge the relationship! I also think this Charlie looks way more like a family member of the Rhodes than the other one.

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