Gossip Girl Review: The End and the Beginning

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After a startling cliffhanger and an excruciatingly long hiatus, Gossip Girl returned tonight with an episode that caught us up on what the characters have been up to since Blair went "Riding in Town Cars With Boys."

Continuing the season's dark tone, this evening's installment was an unconventional one by any measure. A time jump transported us from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, leaving flashbacks to fill in the blanks.

Did it make for an effective, compelling story? Yes and no.

Blair in Her Wedding Dress

The episode did improve as the night went on, culminating in a heartbreaking Chair scene for the ages. An intriguing new character was introduced, as were new twists to several existing plot lines.

The problem was that the bulk of this much-anticipated chapter was predicated on mystery that was a letdown at best and highly dubious at worst. Blair can't be with Chuck because of that? Seriously?

"Just because we can't be together, doesn't mean I don't love you."

Yes, she may still change her mind, and "The End of the Affair" may become the beginning of something greater - the fairy tale we all hope is coming. The past hour offered little resolution, however.

Watching Leighton Meester utter the above quote at both points in the episode was as believable as it gets. Sadly, the writing surrounding it was not; rather, it was at times both predictable and unsatisfying.

Obviously, B knows that modern medicine saved Chuck and not her plea for divine intervention. But as Serena said, why punish herself as a result? What's really holding her back right now? Nada.

Especially now that he's become such a wonderful person in her mind, and she's so unhappy with the man she's marrying in two weeks that she tells him virtually nothing about her life? Ever?

How is that the right decision, even if Louis is a good guy (which is highly debatable after Mr. Mad Computer Skills tried to out Blair and Dan's non-relationship at the Spectator New Year's party)?

It's obvious she doesn't want to marry Louis, and longs for Chuck. B is really deluding herself and everyone else at this point. Come on B. We know you've been through a lot, but pull it together!

Chuck and Louis as such close allies after all that transpired between them? A bit of a stretch, despite their shared goal. Dan's involvement in the faux-affair also felt forced and a little unnecessary.

Let me go on record saying that their friendship is awesome. I love Dan and Blair's banter and how close they've become in the past year. But the sneaking around felt like an unnecessary plot device.

Seriously, how awesome would it have been to see an actual Dair affair? Or at least some palpable romantic tension? Even if it was only on Dan's end? Alas. Just the Muppet helping facilitate B's bizarre shadiness.

Finally, the fact that Blair simply lost the baby was sort of phoned in. That didn't even play into her misery throughout this ordeal? It could've been implied, but there was nary a mention? Oh well.

Chuck Looking On

The saving grace is that Chuck isn't buying any of this either.

Dan and Serena's last-minute save - which actually somehow made sense in the context of so many things that didn't - explained Dair's creeping around ... sort of. But why was Chuck ostracized?

He will use everything in his power to find out. His words.

You've got until January 30, big guy, and we expect big things, in large part to make up for the spotty writing of this up-and-down episode. Dair and Chair both getting short-changed? Not a fan.

A brief rundown of what else happened tonight ...

  • Dan and Serena are totes in love! Well, maybe not yet. She's still hung up on him, clearly, and perhaps, if Blair and Chuck are truly meant to be, Serena and her Brooklyn Muppet will be too
  • Nate is The Man. The female members of our Gossip Girl Round Table will likely be swooning over the Spectator Editor-in-Chief's new take-charge businessman-with-integrity persona.
  • Nate is a target. Not everyone's a fan, though. With so much focus on Chair, it was a genuine surprise to learn that Nate was supposed to be in the town car with its brakes de-pressurized.
  • Gossip Girl is the missing link! A modern day, Blackberry-loving Deep Throat, G.G. holds the clues to the scandal. Will she reveal it - and herself - as Nate uncovers the truth!?
  • Serena is Gossip Girl 2.0, with a conscience! We'll see how long that last.
  • The real Charlie Rhodes! It was only a matter of time until she surfaced, but I didn't think it would happen so soon. Of course, Rufus and Lily didn't put this together just yet. Did Carol know Real Charlie was at Julliard this whole time? And how long before Chivy and her breathy voice return to tell more convoluted lies?
  • Rufus and Lily are cute. Too bad we didn't get to see the karaoke scene. Or thank goodness.
  • Eric and Jenny got a mention. Written off the show, but not the family. Good to know.
  • Penn Badgley will not get a haircut. The curls are off the hook. Fight the power.

All in all, the 2012 debut gave us a lot to discuss, even if it wasn't all positive, and piqued our curiosity going forward. Here's hoping that "The End of the Affair" is the beginning of something better.

Before we turn it over to your comments, here's next week's promo ...

What did you think of the winter premiere of Gossip Girl? Discuss below!


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It was ABSURD!! RIDICULOUS!!! The reason why Chuck and Blair can't be together is a promise to God? It is an offense to us, the fans, who have followed the show for many years, that they write something as absurd as that. The show used to be great, the plot lines, the romantic or heartbreacking scenes... but what happened yesterday left us disappointed


does anyone know the names of the songs used?


They could've made Blair shutting Chuck out about guilt over the miscarriage (or really, paid any attention to the baby storyline at al) and it would've made about a billion times more sense than Blair suddenly believing in pacts with God. Especially by throwing in an actual priest who apparently doesn't understand enough about religion to tell her what an idiot she's being. The fact that Dan and Serena are both going along with this ridiculousness makes me judge them as well. But mostly what this episode accomplished was making me understand exactly why Ed said the things he did in his interviews- because after this, I'm going to start rooting for Chuck to move on as well. Not because Blair should be with Dan, but because she should be alone. She'll have her craziness to keep her company anyway, and maybe then Chuck can finally be happy for like two seconds.


I hated so much in this episode. I hated them ignoring Blair losing her baby. I hated that they gave Blair such a dumb reason for breaking up with Chuck. I hated the weird turn arounds in behavior like one minute Chuck is telling Blair he wanted to be there for her because of the baby and the next minute he's scheming with Louis to humiliate Blair. Another example is Blair suddenly becoming religious. WTF writers. I hated Penn Badgley's hair. The only things I loved were the limo flashbacks, the last Chuck and Blair scene and Ed and Leighton's stunning performances. They are too good for this show and so are so the Chair fans that keep getting jerked around. Not a Dair fan but they have been jerked around too. Wrap this up writers. Do not drag this out much more writers. I beg you


This episode was weak sauce. Blair definitely was the highlight of it in all her forms. The writers have really run out of ideas. Another CW show already used that title for one of their episodes fairly recently (The Vampire Diaries). And I know the title is a reference to Graham Greene's novel, but I cannot believe they actually went there with the plot. I wouldn't be surprised if Blair married Louis and then he died of pneumonia from walking in the rain at the beginning of this episode. I feel like the writing's getting that bad.


Coming from a french fan: Seriously Blair ? Your deal sucks! This is just bull****!!


What is wrong with Rufus!!!!?
I dont get it did ivy not tell him the truth....... I did not hate the episode, Blair pact with god was out of character and over dramatic but I totally expected Blair to be out of character she just had a very traumatic experience, lost a baby and almost the man she loves...


i hate those writers. stupid stupid stupid writers. i hope you're reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur ruining my favourite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ratings aren't even good anymore. get a clue. take a hint.


ya know i think... if blair has entered a state of depression because of losing the baby. if they had showed she actually did have a close bond with her baby & she jus didn't show it... lik maybe she had already started shopping for baby clothes... or maybe she had a few good parenting books around her room. i would've believed that for her behaviour. it's like she sacrificed her baby to save chuck & she's totally depressed... that wouldve been believable.


@ Dr.Hollis You are so right I'm about done too. I hope all the writers read these comments. Seems like the writers have lost there spark and if Chair is not back together I'm sure some of there ratings will drop.

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