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after watching this episode, I feel like the Gossip Girl we all loved is back and this 100th episode is a start of a new chapter in every characters' life. Best part is bringing back Georgina, though I'm not convinced with her being GG all these years. I hope there's more to it than that. . .


I loved all the references to the pilot but yeah – all in all I thought EP100 would be more than that.. I did not cry, gasp or laugh. I just smiled sometimes.
I’m waiting for more to come. HOPEFULLY.

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NATE/CHARLIE: I think Charlie will be a nice character, even though I miss Chivy. I hope she’s coming back. As for Nate, I’m still hoping there will be a happy end with Serena. He used to be the main character (with Blair/Serena) and I don’t even want to talk about the books.. I know I know, nothing’s like the book anymore but they could give him a better lovestory than just falling in love with a random girl AGAIN. Even though Charlie would be a nice fit I think, I’m disappointed he doesn’t get more.

SERENA(&DAN): Oh my god, I’m loving Serena more and more each day. She’s never been my favorit but I think she’s going to be ;) She seems so mature, telling Blair she’s crazy (I know she didn’t say it but we all know she meant it!) and telling Dan the truth. She doesn’t play games anymore, she’s just honest and in love.
But seriously, falling in love with Dan again? Oh come on.. Serena, go and get together with Nate! =)



then chuck who was all set to fight for her in 5.12 , he food poisoned the priest saying he won't be an obstacle in her happiness. .whats that ? didnt h know that blair loved him n her happiness would be with him when now he is a changed person . .n then happened
the most ridiculous thing in Gossip Girl's history that blair married louis despite saing "i love u chuck" since past 3 episodes(n in this one also
). how could she love chuck more and more evryday n then marry louis? if all this crap can happen here then why can't blair fall
in love with dan one day? all thes things that i mentioned were incredible n silly then why can't dair happening is not justified . if chair fans
can justify everything that happens in chair story then they should also bear with dair storyline


n then blair who was so in love with chuck started a relationship with louis who came out of nowhere.she had no idea about what kind of a person he was but was ready to spend her entire life with him..isnt that crazy n insane?then in 5.10 she was all into chuck and was ready to be with him forever n then with that accident she started thinking she is jinxed
for him n decided to marry louis?? couldnt she have stayed alone ? where in world is all this justified n not ridiculous?


how do you justify that?n then how do u justify chuck
not fighting for her after that n sleeping with all manhattan whores n then giving her an ultimatum n then not waiting for her
n then instead of calling , sleeping with her biggest nemesis . . then being into eva n acting as if blair didnt exist .. how do u justify chuck being crazy about raina
when apparently he was supposed to wait for her(who knows what would have been future of his relationship with both these girls if they didnt leave him). .and . .


this thing is coming from a die hard chair fan who has worshipped them since day 1..but seriously i am not a fool or blind or partial . . . my absolutely
unbiased opinion on this chair vs dair is that chair fandom really has no right to call the plot of blair ever falling in love with dan as insane or ridiculous . . .
i truly believe that blair n chuck belong together n she can never love someone the way she loves him but then
many undeniably ridiculous things have happened in chair story as well . . . chuck who loved blair so long n so hard
n more than any other person how could he literally sell her ass to jack in S3 . . it wasnt just about sending blair
to spend a night with him it was like sending her to a devil(who knows what all he could have done) . . and . .




OMGGGGGGGG CHUCK AND BLAIR NEED TO BE TOGETHER! I swear this like ruined my whole week omgggggggggggg :( Dans like sooo annoying obvv blair loves chuck omgomgomgomg!
Its okay chuck come here ill marry you


5. Georgina. She is amazeballs at take downs.

6. Chair and Derena are endgame. Dan may be in love with Blair but HER heart will always belong to Chuck. Dan will be her good friend always. A different type of friend than Serena is to her. Serena and Dan always end up together in some way. Dan will realize that in time.

7. The real Charlie has been introduced to close that awful story line and be Nate's age appropriate love interest.

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