Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Serena Wants Dan

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Serena doesn't say she's totally into Dan in this new clip from Monday's Gossip Girl, but it's quite obvious from reading between the lines, and from her body language as they walk and talk early in "Father and the Bride."

With all the attention focused on Blair's wedding lately, the possible re-coupling of Derena looks like it will become an interesting side plot. It may even manifest itself in somebody's dream sequence a week later.

In any case, next week, Dan and Serena walk down Fifth Avenue to flaunt their fake relationship. Whatever it takes to help Blair, right? They discuss her talking on Gossip Girl in her blog, among other things.

Dan's got a meeting set up regarding his second book thanks to Serena, so he's cool with the charade. The subtext here, though, is that one of them considers the relationship  more fake than the other ...

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I don't give a shit whether Blair goes back to Chuck or not, but Serena and Dan is all wrong. They are step-siblings. Even when Dexter tried it this season it wasn't good. And Dexter is a much darker show.


Sigh. Derena AGAIN? Do the writers enjoy flogging a dead horse? When will they realize that those two have no chemistry and are so much more interesting when they are with other people! It's a shame, because I really like both characters, and think the writers do them a disservice.


Yay for Derena! Even if it is very one sided. Serena has only ever been truly in love with Dan. Everyone else was a distraction. Poor Dan has to realize that Blair is meant to be with Chuck, and when that happens Serena and Dan can finally be together. Who cares that they are step siblings? It's a TV show so they can do whatever they want.


*sigh* I know it's a waste of time, but I have to say it. JUST because Dan has feelings for Blair now doesn't mean that's gonna last. Face it guys, Dan and Serena have both tried to move on with other people....it never works. Nate, Olivia, Vanessa, Carter, Tripp....all failed. And then they always turn back to each other. There's a reason for that. They haven't been dating this whole time. They've grown up and been in other relationships, but still last season they were in love and about to get back together. It's because Dan got burned by the Serena/Ben situation and Blair by Chuck that they consoled themselves together. That's the ONLY reason these feelings developed for Blair. Serena is the foundation of this and has been the whole time.


Being in love or really loving someone deeply are two completely different things in my opinion. I don't have anything against dating and falling in love several times in your life. Like you wrote it's part of growing up, you change, your feelings change...But my point is that some people are lucky and find one person that they love the most. Maybe it doesn't work out with that person and you try to move on but you've never gotten over it. And so you eventually return to that person. These things happen in real life and they happen on tv shows. In my opinion Serena and Dan have a lot in common with Rachel and Ross from friends and we all know how friends ended;-)So if Dan and Serena keep returning to each other time and time again that means something. In my opinion Serena and Dan (and Chair also) have this great love and so they will find their way back to each other again.


@ S
Really you think Dan was young when he helped Serena escape from ostroff centre and was ready to leave everything behind and go away with her knowing how would everyone else react but did not care about anything all that he cared was to take Serena away from everything and everyone for a while somewhere where it could be just him and her and no one else,and he believed her when no one did not even Blair her Best Friend,Because i remember it was not long ago just last season so if he is 21 now so he was probably 20 than how mature can he get in just 1 year to suddenly realize that OWW no serena was just my teenage crush i dont love her anymore Blair is the Woman i love and she is my soulmate...
How stupid of you if you think that way...


@ rosalie i completely agree with you...
You know ive been saying the same thing to these Dan and Blair fanz like Forever that YES Dan and Blair will happen but wont last for long cz both love different people in the end Dan will return to Serena and Blair to Chuck...
Many couples has happnend before Dan and Blair like Dan and Vanessa Dan and olivia Chuck and Raina Chuck and Eva Blair and Nate Serena and Nate but they've all vanished and are gone nobody even thinks aout'em anymore,The only couples that has been there from the begining are Derena and chair and its like never ending they have great fan following...
Why did not the writers did this with any other couple but Chair and Derena because they know they're made for eachother and they are the end Game!!
So get over yourself Dan and Blair fanz...because they are going to be forgotten just like the other couples i mentioned above...


well according to the writers: rufly are stable and stay stable! they writer wanna both not messing up more.so and with this, there is every argument that dan and serena are sibblings or share a halfbrother or whatever, that is nonsense!
both couples can exist. another tv shows get this too.


I Really hope to the writers destroy the rufus and lily relationship , to see which will be the new excuse of the haters .


as for Derena, WHY?!!!! They are step siblings, EW! I like Rufus and Lily together, I know it's messed up to have your ex-bf as your brother, but S really needs to MOVE ON (with carter! or Nate!) I'm so over this ship!!
it's almost like her hooking up with Chuck, I mean this seems to gross people out, so why not when she's with dan? This show has only focussed on relationships - i want to see more Rufus/Dan, Chuck/Lily, Serena/Blair, Chuck/Dan/Nate.

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