Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Serena Wants Dan

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Serena doesn't say she's totally into Dan in this new clip from Monday's Gossip Girl, but it's quite obvious from reading between the lines, and from her body language as they walk and talk early in "Father and the Bride."

With all the attention focused on Blair's wedding lately, the possible re-coupling of Derena looks like it will become an interesting side plot. It may even manifest itself in somebody's dream sequence a week later.

In any case, next week, Dan and Serena walk down Fifth Avenue to flaunt their fake relationship. Whatever it takes to help Blair, right? They discuss her talking on Gossip Girl in her blog, among other things.

Dan's got a meeting set up regarding his second book thanks to Serena, so he's cool with the charade. The subtext here, though, is that one of them considers the relationship  more fake than the other ...

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ahh it cut me off, sorry! i went off chair after S3, but the scene last episode i was with chuck, what a wierd excuse to not be with him, and yes, i understand the revelation that she's made a pact with god, and believes this is the best way, but as a dair fan i thought even that was a tall order and very unconvincing. I'm intrigued as any to find out what happens at the wedding and I want to say how much i love watching chuck/Lily and who chuck has become (apart from the bit when he threatened dan). let's just say, I'm starting to like chair again and i really hope chuck finds out the truth soon.


I'd have to admit, that I freaking love Dan Humphrey and have done since the begining. Geez the amount of hate he gets is almost as bad as how much ppl hated Jenny.. and I don't see why. I mean he's the main character - we saw UES through his eyes, and I never thought he was judgemental at all - I thought a lot of the UES were snobish asses. Ironic isn't it that Blair actually has a soul, and Chuck has become a better and understanding person, and nate actually has a job, and Serena can write a blog (who knew!). I think Dan has helped the other characters grow up, especially blair. I don't see him as a stalker or any of those "hateful" comments - i think he's kind and caring, forgiving and witty and I'm all for a Dair friendship or more. As for chair, I didn't like them after S3


@rosalie So what if before he always ran back to Serena? He was very young.
At some point he won't run back to her anymore and maybe that point will be Blair.
If not, then I'm sure later in life. I don't think he'll run back to the same girl he fell for at 16 for the rest of his life!!
Also, this argument that he loved lots of girls... jeez. I loved lots of boys at that age too. that is part of being young and dating. Eventually you meet someone who is right for you and usually its not your high school sweetheart.
And thank F*** for that.


Dan was in love with a lot of girls vanessa, this teacher i forgot her name, olivia...and now he thinks that he is in love with blair, but at the end he was always running back to serena. Even Blair said to him that his princess was out there too and she looked at Serena. So don't get me wrong I think that the writers will make dair happen, but the endgame will be derena.


I have to admit I hate Dan as a character. He feels so forced to me and I hate how the writers seem to force him on us. That being said this year his scens with Chuck and his issues with Serena have not made me want him dead. Usually Dan pairings are like sleeping pills. Early Derena killed me. Now I am enjoying the more. I still can not wait until Dan's feelings change (They always do with Dan) and he starts crushing on Serena again. I want her to crush him for the way he has treated her.


@rosalie I think someone needs to remind Dan that Serena is his "great love" sure didnt look like that when he was looking at Blair all gooey eyed. Maybe the writers forgot about that too.


lol @Lorraine. Even Chuck commented on the fact they are pseudosiblings. If Chuck Bass thinks it's wrong then it is WRONG!!


I agree with everything you wrote!I really don't get why the writers are destroying both derena and chair for a couple that the majority of the viewers don't want to see! I like dair friendship but a romance between them is just wrong! Besides dan/penn and serena/blake still have the on screen chemistry, the kiss at midnight was so sweet! I hope that they find their way back to each other! And besides why do people still come up with that sibling thing, even the writers forgot about scott! And that is the exact same thing that will happen to this dair storyline. The writers will make dair happen, then of course blair and dan will break up, dan will be running back to serena, as always and blair will return to chuck. And everyone apart from some desperate dair shippers will forget that dair ever even happened. Because let's face it serena was and will always be dan's great love, she is his dream girl and that is the reason why derena will be endgame!!




Dair needs to happen. The only thing Dan and Serena have in common is a sibling.