Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What Really Happened?

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Blair and Dan walk and talk in a new clip from Monday's 2012 premiere of Gossip Girl. Regardless of whether or not you wish Dair would be a romantic item, you have to admit their back-and-forth is hilarious.

In "The End of the Affair," we pick up two months after the car crash that ended the show's fall run, with the Upper East Siders filling in the blanks via flashbacks. What happened between now and then?!

We know Dan's feelings for Blair will come out in an interesting way, and we know that Chuck ultimately survives, and that on January 30, Blair makes it to the altar. Beyond that, we can only speculate.

Watch the clip from Monday's episode below and see what you think ...

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@Beck - i agree with every word you said! i have been thinking the same thing myself for so long! Blair has lost all the edge she had.. and it's really sad to see such a great written character go to such a waste..
I kept hoping that the writers will do her good, do right by her.. but they never did..
I've already skipped on the few episodes this season.. i'm thinking that my loge lived affair with this show has come to an untimely death.. I initially came into this post to say how i love Dair moments.. but then i remembered what the show has done to that great storyline and my initial reaction seems pointless now..


even if you don't like them as a couple you have to admitt that they are the most healthy relationship friendship in the show, in fact i think dan is way better friend than serena nate or chuck compined to blair because he always knows what she needs and dispite his judjmental backround he always does what she asks no matter how riticulous it sounds. of cource blair is being the new serena , since she always treats him awful even though she critisied serena about that in the past, and always using him without caring for him. but i guess it's normal under the circumstances


yes Dair scene.
i love you Leighton Meester


I hate when Chair fans try to talk for us dair fans. It's like we can disagree with you if we want. They always says this is what WE want. Well I'm a ''we'' and I disagree. DAIR FOREVER!


dan and blair are ONLY friends! they "has great chemistry together"???? where? in Dair's dreams...wake up! blair shines only with chuck!


Blair has become so pathetic. She hasn't grown up at all, she's more childish than ever. What happened to the ambitious Blair in season one and two? She was b****y, entertaining, aspiring and intelligent. Now Blair has turned into the old Serena, caring too much about men and making bad decisions. She's a liar and a cheater who has only gone backwards. She needs to simply make her mind up about whether she wants to be with Louis or Chuck because frankly it's become very tiring. Her and Chuck have been in a continuous loop since season one. They've completely forgotten about other characters, Nate and Serena are growing up and are finally mature but they're completely irrelevant now. Dan's book was short-lived, he was becoming great again this season but now all he does is love Blair. Give Nate, Serena and Dan some story lines! Since when did this become 'The Blair Waldorf show'? If this season doesn't pick up, I'm done with Gossip Girl.

Kimberly anne

Dair is online worth watching if they are friends!!! Chair is the ultimate couple of GG, so there is no need to watch Dair as a couple. Blair belongs with Chuck. Always has, always will be.


I cherish those Dair moments !! Dare to Dair !!


after watching it again she says, not sure if i can deceive people and never utter a word of the truth! Ok so what are opinions on this?