Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan's Feelings For Blair ...

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... are about to be sort of revealed!

To fans, at least, there will be no doubt how Dan feels about Blair after he spells it out clearly and poetically. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, however, the princess-to-B won't be in the know. At least not right off the bat.

Confused yet?

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Blair’s still going back and forth about whether to actually the plunge with Louis, and for good reason, after the tumult she's experienced over the past several months.

She eventually comes around, though, when she happens to stumble across Louis' wedding vows - which he had DAN ghostwrite for him. Basically, the Hump is about to bare his soul without B even realizing it.


In the photos we posted yesterday, we learned that Dan plays a role in the lead-up to the royal wedding, but it's unclear exactly what that is. Now we know he's both her confidant and Louis' ghostwriter. Wow.

Will she learn the true voice behind the vows, a guy who feels he found his soul mate, even it he can't/won't say it?

She has to, right? This being Gossip Girl, secrets have a way of coming out eventually, and at crucial moments.

Will this one? Will it matter? How does Chuck fit into all this, if at all? Discuss this Gossip Girl spoiler below!

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i think this season they give all the attention to blair but i dont like her like this with every man not decideing who she wants no love for the baby at all is like it even isnt there and dan is the guy of the show this season i dont like it either he is so judgemental to serena always and what blair did in the past all the gossips and everyting is like he does not know it or isnt saying anything about it I think serena is doing good this season no boys trying to work being matture and chuck 2 go to therapy and nate even leads a company sooo i dont get the whole dair blouis thing itsss so boring and selfish,childish, the show was about S&B friendship now is it like dan is her bestfriend just bullshit -.-


Part 2 - On Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair, has been boring since season 3 and has actually become a pain in the ass. The only reason I am for Dan and Blair is because I love their banters and because Dan is the only guy I can actually stand beside Nate in the show. Sure as hell, even Dan and Blair will become boring at some point. So why can't we just give it a try? I just want to see how they are together. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind later or maybe some Chair shippers will change their minds.


Part 1 - Every pairing on every show kind of gets boring when they get together. On One Tree Hill, after Brooke/Peyton and Lucas got together it got boring. On The Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Elena has been boring and once they some how get Damon and Elena together, I am pretty sure it will become boring as well. I think that reason that the writers has not yet put them together is because they don't want to lose a good thing.


(Continued) Serena is a much better person than Blair and I have no fucking idea where people are getting these ideas that she is only interested in things to do with her. Blair deserves someone as self absorbed and up themselves as she is like chuck, not dan, probably the best and sweetest guy on the show. Let him be with serena because he is a much better person with her and they have so much more similar personalities! Derena have been going since season 1. Put the two most down to earth and caring characters together please!! DERENA!


Seriously, people need to stop going on about how Blair is so perfect and deserves a perfect fairytale with whichever guy she wants. People need to stop saying that Blair's happiness is the only important thing on the show. There are other characters you know? Watch an episode like poison ivy if you don't recall how much of an uptight self absorbed bitch blair is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


It's interesting that the two most libertine characters on the show (Serena and Chuck) are actually displaying the most maturity and character growth in Season 5. I think it's also significant that both Serena and Chuck have been single all season - is there another season where both have gone 10 episodes without hooking up with something (anything)? I'm reading that a lot of people think that Serena's treated Dan badly in the past, and we all agree that Chuck takes the cake when it comes to his past treatment of Blair. But I'm still Chair and Derena (yes, even while supporting Rufly & knowing they have a shared sibling - it's a *soap*) and think there's a reason why S and C are growing up so much this season.

Lord of winter

I think Dair Is awesome,Never really got the epic love vibe from Chair.More like back and forth bullshit,Same with Derena.I hope the writes have the guts to Dair.


wow you are just as hypocritical as your favourite character.


Never been a Chair fan...maybe because unlike all the Chairs shippers I kept in my mind the Chuck of season 1 : unsexy, childish, no swag...
I liked Nate and Blair together maybe just because of their common cuteness...
And then was developped the Dair storyline, and was amazed by the great potential this item had ...both so witty, classy, brilliant and beautiful; and I just love how Dan fell for Blair ! DAIR all the way!


(3) I never contemplated Dan and Blair at all but then S4 just really surprised me. Blair has always been my favourite character and I loved all her sparky dialogue with Dan and then I started to wonder what would those two be like together. And now I'm in. There's alot to be said for common interests and someone that brings out the best side of you. Its real and adult. I want to see this relationship and I hope its done well even if it doesn't last. Always a sucker for the unlikely pairings!!

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