Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan's Feelings For Blair ...

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... are about to be sort of revealed!

To fans, at least, there will be no doubt how Dan feels about Blair after he spells it out clearly and poetically. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, however, the princess-to-B won't be in the know. At least not right off the bat.

Confused yet?

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Blair’s still going back and forth about whether to actually the plunge with Louis, and for good reason, after the tumult she's experienced over the past several months.

She eventually comes around, though, when she happens to stumble across Louis' wedding vows - which he had DAN ghostwrite for him. Basically, the Hump is about to bare his soul without B even realizing it.


In the photos we posted yesterday, we learned that Dan plays a role in the lead-up to the royal wedding, but it's unclear exactly what that is. Now we know he's both her confidant and Louis' ghostwriter. Wow.

Will she learn the true voice behind the vows, a guy who feels he found his soul mate, even it he can't/won't say it?

She has to, right? This being Gossip Girl, secrets have a way of coming out eventually, and at crucial moments.

Will this one? Will it matter? How does Chuck fit into all this, if at all? Discuss this Gossip Girl spoiler below!

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Chair & Derena


Love Dair


I am a gossip girl brat because I read all the books before the show even started, and have watched the show religiously (despite being completely different from the books) since it first aired... if Blair ends up with Dan I'll consider my obsession of 5 years for nothing. How on earth is Dair about to happen when Blair just ran away with Chuck in a limo and now he's in a hospital clinging to his life? They are making Blair seem stupid. Being caught between Louis and Chuck is one thing, but for a woman about to get married to have her heart split for 3 guys just makes her seem like a dumb sl*t. Plus right before she ran off with Chuck, when Dan was going to confess his love, she didn't CARE. She was only worried about what to do about Chuck. The writers always said Blair/Chuck are endgame and it BETTER be true!!!!!


Even if the writers explore Dair, I can't see it being endgame. Dan's relationship patterns since Season 1 have been to fall madly in love, end up judging the girl for one reason or the other, then drop her and treat her like crap. Chuck doesn't pretend to be something he's not. GG's VOs have called him a devil and a beast. His dad was reptilian, his uncle is a nightmare, his (fake) mother was/is a conniving beyotch, and now who knows what Diana might be. He knows he has to change, so he's trying. Dan, on the other hand, has Rufus, who is the best parent on the show, but whose life he judges (see ep 5.5). Before she met and married Cyrus, Eleanor harshly judged Blair, who had an eating disorder. For Dair to be endgame? Dan needs to stop judging.


@ Ava 1. "Dan basically cost Blair Yale", That was basically Blair's undoing, if she hadn't had tricked/bullied her teacher Miss. Carr it would never had happend. That was just karma for Blair, like "What goes around comes around".
2. "told her not to tell Chuck she loves him on purpose because he thought she was a bitch". He didn't do it because he thought Blair was a bitch, he was genuinely helping Blair until Vanessa told Dan what Chuck and Blair did to her. But he told the truth to Chuck what he had done to Blair later.
3. "AND he was such an a-hole to Serena! Seriously" yes, he was judgemental to her, but that don't even comes close what Chuck has said anddone to Blair.


Dan is the biggest hypocrite on television. Agree with you 100% Ava


I wonder why Chair fans bother to get their panties in a bunch. The show is still all about your couple so what's the problem? Don't worry, nothing will come out of Dair.


It's Dair time, motherchuckers!


I have been re-watching season 2 (in French no less, for learning purposes) and all you DAIR fans going on about how bad Chuck is and how holier-than-thou Dan is, apparently have a very short memory - Dan basically cost Blair Yale, he foul-mouthed her all through season 2, told her not to tell Chuck she loves him on purpose because he thought she was a bitch, AND he was such an a-hole to Serena! Seriously, any little thing that girl did, he was in her face doing the whole "Omigod, I can't believe this is who you really are, your such a this and that". Really. I used to like Dan in a non-DAIR way, but since re-watching the second season... The guy is a narcissistic hypocrite. Go CHAIR and SERENATE!!!


Dare to Dair!!

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