Gossip Girl Wedding Pic: Blair's Two Dads

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We've seen plenty of photos of Blair Waldorf's wedding dress and speculated endlessly about why she's wearing it in the street, alone. That guessing game is likely to continue until the wedding episode January 30.

Here's another image to get people talking. A new photo from EW shows Blair (Leighton Meester) walking down the aisle with her two dads - stepfather Cyrus (Wallace Shawn) and her real dad, Harold (John Shea)!

Whether she actually says "I do" is the million-dollar question, but there will be a wedding taking place this month, that's for sure, and the show's 100th episode should be a memorable one, come what may:

Gossip Girl Wedding Pic
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Hugo Becker fans -- wait til you see him all snazzed up in royal wedding uniform ... *heart melts*


LOL maybe she'll marry Dan, you never know with Gossip Girl... I hope Nate and Ivy hook up again. As for S, maybe it is time she and Chuck dated.. hahahaha just kidding, or am i? What happened to Blair's baby??!!!


Can anyone read the actual article?
I don't know what it says


Are you sure there isn't a twist and Blair is actually marrying Chuck? She is too happy to be marrying Monaco Man.


Actually Monaco is a principality of France, it's not a country (recently moved to France from the U.S. and you don't even need a passport to go from France to Monaco).... And the actor is from France.


@TinaTrina Sorry, I said that because I read in other post "french prince" what is not.
And I do with the limitation of what I can express in english.
I'm tired, It's late for me after a day of labor. See ... I wrote "there are" ... not they are ... proof of how tired I am. We know that the gossip girl writers have knowlegde of the laws in Europe.


junior, I know he's not from France but I'm saying that they show may dress it up as the consulate of Monaco.


Well, I realized I made a mistake in the only three french words I used.
It's "publication des bans" without "c" in bans.
The laws are here (if you speak french) http://www.monaco-mairie.mc/pr... As for the location, it must be a consulate, all the embassies are in Washington D.C Louis is from Monaco not France.
There are two countries.


Actually, I think it was the French embassy or something like that but they may say it's something else.


They did film at the Monaco consulate. Thanks for the info.

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