Gossip Girl Wedding Pic: Blair's Two Dads

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We've seen plenty of photos of Blair Waldorf's wedding dress and speculated endlessly about why she's wearing it in the street, alone. That guessing game is likely to continue until the wedding episode January 30.

Here's another image to get people talking. A new photo from EW shows Blair (Leighton Meester) walking down the aisle with her two dads - stepfather Cyrus (Wallace Shawn) and her real dad, Harold (John Shea)!

Whether she actually says "I do" is the million-dollar question, but there will be a wedding taking place this month, that's for sure, and the show's 100th episode should be a memorable one, come what may:

Gossip Girl Wedding Pic

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She looks BEAUTIFUL, as always.


Anyone notice that the very royal looking tiara that she is shown wearing in the street while in her wedding dress is missing? Either this is a dream sequence, or I think she's run from one (royal) wedding to take part in another... most likely with chuck. Wonder if lonely boy helps get her out of a Louis disaster...

Kimberly anne

And isn't wearing the blush in front of the face represents purity aka still having her virginity? I don't think Blair should have wore the blush, or at least wear the veil only.

Kimberly anne

I like that Blair has both her dad and her step dad walking her down the aisle. Although I can only imagine it must have been kind of awkward for Harold to have to share his daugther with Cyrus, lol. Blair looks beautiful but if only it was her wedding to Chuck because then people would want her to actually go through with the wedding.


SPOILER ALERT: She actually goes through with the wedding, but by episode 16, she'll be back with Chuck.


i dont get why she looks so happy in the pic? when shes going to/ has run away? hopefully shes marrying chuck! i cant stand louis! hes so loody boring


This is stupid. Cyrus is NOT Blair's dad. Harold (is that his name?) is her REAL dad, and HE deserves the honor of walking his only daughter down the isle. That being said, if Blair feels he does not deserve that honor then ONLY Cyrus should be walking her down the isle. Stupid, Gossip Girl, stupid. And her hair is not appropriate for a wedding, much less a royal one.


@lobstrob they are called Peonies, they are Blair's favorite flowers seance season 1 episode 1. And if you remember on the 5x01 she tell Louise that she wanted those flowers for her wedding


it's just a dream !!!


I agree with GG, her hair is dredfull, so it seems like this could be post running away.

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