Grey's Anatomy Music From "Suddenly"

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Grey's Anatomy delivered a handful of life-altering moments last night, leaving viewers reeling as new episodes returned after a hiatus of nearly two months. Suffice it to say, the show made up for lost time.

As usual, it also delivered a few choice songs, all timed perfectly to coincide with the significant events that gave viewers plenty to discuss. We've posted the tracks from the 2012 premiere, "Suddenly," below.

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Patient Relations
  • Snow Patrol - "New YorkBuy on iTunes
  • Zola Jesus - "SkinBuy on iTunes
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich - "PicturesBuy on iTunes
  • Mackintosh Braun - "The Same" 

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"Skin" a perfect song when Teddy went to see Henry - broke my heart. The ending however, with the baby, gave me the biggest goosebumps, had to re-watch it. I could feel their joy.


Loved their choice of music this episode. The music was as heart-breaking as Teddy's reaction and Snow Patrol fit perfectly with welcoming Zola back.


Nothing about this show is realistic; that doesn't ruin it. Since when do the same handful of doctors work in the ED and on the floor and the OR doing a million different things out of their field? It's a TV show; you have to take it for what it is.


Oh just found another song that needs to be added "Fires" by David Ramirez.


Since when do social workers show up with a baby the parents are not expecting. That silliness ruined the whole hour for me.


There is also
"Always Looking" by Dum Dum Girls.


It's Zola Jesus, not Zola Jones for the song "skin"

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I need another me and Cristina is the closes thing. Don't tell her I said that.


Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat. It's not just the collision that injures them, it's everything after.