Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Hope For the Hopeless"

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Last night on Grey's Anatomy, the doctors attempted a risky surgery to separate conjoined twins, while Bailey asked Mer for help and Teddy questioned Cristina. If you missed it, follow this link for our official review.

Looking ahead to next week, a pair of sisters come in for a liver transplant performed by Richard, making it his 10,000th surgery. That's quite the milestone for The Chief ... or Dr. Webber, whatever you like to call him!

Meanwhile, Meredith must choose a new specialty, Derek and Lexie flip a coin and take a previously inoperable case, and Teddy and Cristina defy Owen to steal a case from Alex. Both situations result in extreme tension.

Finally, Adele is brought to Seattle Grace after being found wandering the streets.

Watch the promo for "Hope for the Hopeless" and comment below:

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Thank God that Cristina and Owen are finally arguing, but it's really rude that they are arguing in Meredith's house.


alex and mer are together? alex a dork? callie with lots of kids? bailey is still timid mandy????????? christina looks like a brat! Derek looks depressed, but at least avery is still hot. but really, shonda why would u do that to poor alex, make him such a dork!


nene, your word is absalutely perfect! wow is right. or omg or holy ****
I don't know if i can watch this.......


I think Crowen are in for a bumpy ride, it was delayed as a SL whilst Merder played out their issues.
I wish lexie would do surgery with someone other than Der all the time

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Julia: Love you.
Mark: See ya.

There's nothing else we can do for you. These are the last words a surgeon wants to tell a patient. Getting up doesn't come easy to us, so we do everything in our power not to. For surgeons, lost cause just means try a little harder.