Grey's Anatomy Review: Life Altering Moments

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After what seems like the longest hiatus ever, Grey’s Anatomy is finally back, returning this week with an episode that delivered tragedy, death and a surprise visit for some of our favorite docs. Did “Suddenly” deliver? The wait is over... so let’s discuss now!

Charts Tell the Story

RIP Henry. As sad as it is to see Scott Foley go, GA made the right choice in ending this relationship. This is going to steer Teddy’s character into a dark direction that we have yet to see from her. The scenes between her and Cristina were perfection. Cristina kept her robot mentality for the most part; Teddy finally showed some real emotion. The delivery of the news to the new widow is a scene that should go on both stars' acting reels. Teddy alone with Henry’s body? Heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking...

Fighting For Their Lives

The Deadliest Crash. This was absolutely a case that deserved a two episode arc. First of all, Lily the daughter, is a serious beast. She survives the crash only to watch both her parents and her grandmother die. On her eighteenth birthday, no less. While she was preparing to step up for her siblings, she was unknowingly preparing Meredith for something even bigger (more on that below). 

The scenes between her and Mer was sweet, showing a side of Grey that we haven’t seen in a while. The one thing that I hated about this case? The stomach turning glass shard in the eye!! Seriously, I will be fine if I never see anything like that again. Leading to...

The New Triangle. Now that Jackson is out of Lexie’s relationship life, there is a room for a new person in her triangle with Mark. Welcome back, Julia, the eye doctor who Lexie beamed with a softball. This is a welcome change which hopefully will lead to some laughs. There wasn’t too many of those in this installment.

Mark's Girlfriend Julia

The return of Zola! Meredith and Derek were sharing such a nice scene, one where Derek even seemed like McDreamy again, when the doorbell rang. I half expected it to be Zola, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be. These two deserve to be happy after everything they have been through, but I’m still not 100% sold on the baby angle. This is a show about adults working in a hospital. This is where the majority of the time is spent. This is not a show about children. As long as Zola doesn’t become too big a part, I’m good with it. What do you think? Are you glad they got their baby back?

Lexie With Bangs

Some After Thoughts...

  • Grey’s should never take that long of a break again. I almost forgot how gorgeous Avery and Sloan are.
  • Cristina’s impersonation of Kepner was amazing. Seriously. Dead on. She should do that in every episode.
  • Arizona, Callie, Avery, and April took a back seat tonight. Can’t say I really missed them all that much.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was the return of Grey’s Anatomy everything you expected it to be? Are you glad that Derek and Zola got their baby back? Can they finally live happily ever after? Sound off below and don’t forget to check back for the official GA roundtable. 


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best raitings of all season :D i loved the ending part =)


WE saw Mer bang her head during the crash, her wound bled. Alex fell but I don't recall his banging his head. Alex was praised for his work by Arizona, Mer who was a rockstar didn't get any praise.
Der approving of Julia and saying it in front of Lexie, oooer. I think Julia is gonna be around for a while, so no MarLex reunion this season. That SL will probably be for S9. I don't mind if there's no Kepner, but it was funny Cris making fun of kepner.
I can see real trouble brewing between Cris and Owen, they've got to address the real issuses that are between them very soon. Altman is gonna blame Hunt and Webber for their deceit about her hubby's death I was right in thinking Zola would be back this episode, they couldn't wind up the SL in 8.09 and leave it for a later timeline for Zola to reappear. I cried, but nice they had a McDreamy moment before Zola arrived. Their marriage is strong and loving with or without Zola


Damn Teddy Altman! Her pain leaped off my TV!!!!! I had tissue shortage while watching. Seriously! Somebody give Kim Raver an Emmy! I felt her pain!!! One of the saddest/best ep of GA ever! Kim is too amazing!!!!


Honestly, I'm really surprised Alex's head trauma was overlooked in this review/comments. They did recap in the beginning of the ep BOTH Mer and Alex banging their heads in the ambulance, but only Mer's was emphasized. Alex, on the other hand was having memory issues and some anxiety that could be signs of something more serious. It'd be nice for him to have a storyline like that, the storyline, not the illness/problems. :-)


I think that every other angle has already been looked at for Meredith and Derek, and the baby story is one of the last ones to help these guys develop as characters and possibly come full circle. Yes the show is about doctors and their lives in the hospital, but having a child will affect that life as well. We don't see too many baby/children storylines for the characters; Bailey and Callie/Arizona/Mark have kids. You don't see the kids often, but they are mentioned and they do affect the characters. Cristina had two baby storylines, which didn't end up with an actual baby but still affected her as a character. So why not Meredith and Derek? I think as long as Zola doesn't appear on screen often and Meredith doesn't end up being a stay at home mom, I'd be cool.


Yang mocking April was hilarious. I will admit I felt sorry for her. Sandra Oh was amazing in her scenes with Teddy in the er. Ive always loved her acting skills.
I love looooooove Callie and Arizona. However, it didnt bother me not seeing them alot this epi. I do hope to see more of them on the next epi.
Zola I could take or leave it. Although I will admit I wished they didn't get her back. That storyline seems so forced. I never really believed it. Itll be interesting to see what they write for them as her parents.
I like Mark's new girl. I doubt itll last long. They have to keep the whole Slexie duo going in the background. Especially since Lexie is no longer with Jackson.
I'm looking forward to next week.


i like the episode and i was surprised at theend when meredith and dereck got zola back it was nice


Honestly, I really do not want ZOLA chapter! Greys is not about Kids man! As far as Zola does not come regularly or take the main concern, I am not okay with that!


Never really thought of it this way until i read it elsewhere, but has anyone else thought of Dr Julia Kenner (Mark's GF) as Lexi II?
They both look similiar and the way she went into that rant after her surgery with the best neurosurgeon in the country Dr Derek Shepherd was so much alike.
Love to hear other's thoughts.


Never really thought of it this until i read it elsewhere, but has anyone else thought of Dr Julia Kenner (Mark's GF) as Lexi II?
They both look similiar and the way she went into that rant after her surgery with the best neurosurgeon in the country Dr Derek Shepherd was so much alike.
Love to hear other's thoughts.

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