Grey's Anatomy Review: Life Altering Moments

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After what seems like the longest hiatus ever, Grey’s Anatomy is finally back, returning this week with an episode that delivered tragedy, death and a surprise visit for some of our favorite docs. Did “Suddenly” deliver? The wait is over... so let’s discuss now!

Charts Tell the Story

RIP Henry. As sad as it is to see Scott Foley go, GA made the right choice in ending this relationship. This is going to steer Teddy’s character into a dark direction that we have yet to see from her. The scenes between her and Cristina were perfection. Cristina kept her robot mentality for the most part; Teddy finally showed some real emotion. The delivery of the news to the new widow is a scene that should go on both stars' acting reels. Teddy alone with Henry’s body? Heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking...

Fighting For Their Lives

The Deadliest Crash. This was absolutely a case that deserved a two episode arc. First of all, Lily the daughter, is a serious beast. She survives the crash only to watch both her parents and her grandmother die. On her eighteenth birthday, no less. While she was preparing to step up for her siblings, she was unknowingly preparing Meredith for something even bigger (more on that below). 

The scenes between her and Mer was sweet, showing a side of Grey that we haven’t seen in a while. The one thing that I hated about this case? The stomach turning glass shard in the eye!! Seriously, I will be fine if I never see anything like that again. Leading to...

The New Triangle. Now that Jackson is out of Lexie’s relationship life, there is a room for a new person in her triangle with Mark. Welcome back, Julia, the eye doctor who Lexie beamed with a softball. This is a welcome change which hopefully will lead to some laughs. There wasn’t too many of those in this installment.

Mark's Girlfriend Julia

The return of Zola! Meredith and Derek were sharing such a nice scene, one where Derek even seemed like McDreamy again, when the doorbell rang. I half expected it to be Zola, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be. These two deserve to be happy after everything they have been through, but I’m still not 100% sold on the baby angle. This is a show about adults working in a hospital. This is where the majority of the time is spent. This is not a show about children. As long as Zola doesn’t become too big a part, I’m good with it. What do you think? Are you glad they got their baby back?

Lexie With Bangs

Some After Thoughts...

  • Grey’s should never take that long of a break again. I almost forgot how gorgeous Avery and Sloan are.
  • Cristina’s impersonation of Kepner was amazing. Seriously. Dead on. She should do that in every episode.
  • Arizona, Callie, Avery, and April took a back seat tonight. Can’t say I really missed them all that much.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was the return of Grey’s Anatomy everything you expected it to be? Are you glad that Derek and Zola got their baby back? Can they finally live happily ever after? Sound off below and don’t forget to check back for the official GA roundtable. 


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MCBABY IS HERE!!!!!!! :) By far the best part of the show was the ending!


I have been a loyal fan of GA since it started, even stuck through last season, one of the worst in my opinion, but last night's episode has done me in for good, I think it SUCKED ASS! No I am not happy about the zola reunion, and I think the overall wrighting of the show just plain stinks. GA used the be one of the best shows on, now I just plain can't stand it anymore, and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth even just to go back and watch the old seasons, do hope that the show ends soon, for good.


Great episode so happy for merder I also don't like too many baby scenes but there have't been to many so far and I don't think there will be. Can't wait for next week


Loved this episode. It was extremely heart breaking and amazing. Loved that Zola is back.
The character Lily was irritating at first but became amazing quickly. I loved the scenes with Teddy and Xtina but I feel that Xtina was a bit too harsh on Owen. He was in a hard place and either decision would have done major damage. The good thing about this story is that there are many people to blame for what happened. Owen for letting Teddy choose Xtina over Webber, Webber for not making Owen disregard the wife of a patient. Webber, Owen and Teddy for deceiving Xtina. Callie for not checking properly, Avery for doing a crap job.
The next few eps should be very interesting...


i loved the episode...i am glad that zola is back,because mer and derek deserve some joy after everything...i dont like marks new girlfriend, and i hope that he and lexie will be together again because i think they are great couple..i really miss them,so..NEED MORE LEXIE AND MARK!! so sad for teddy,i like her...but now maybe she will date some other guy like alex or jackson...


this was a fantastic episode, but very sad, I liked Henry with Teddy but it was bound to end this way


Henry/Teddy/Christina scenes : heartbreaking and talended actors !
That story and the car crash were classic GA drama. The new triangle : I am saying no. Mark/his daughter Sloan/Lexie, then Mark/Baby Calzona/Lexie then Jackson/Mark/Lexie. COME ON, can't we gent some fresh dynamic there ? I had the impression this episode was more about Meredith, it was nice. I didn't have the impression that others stepped back, I think we got the right dose of everyone, considering that Meredith was in the center. 1- Meredith sounds so mature now, it's nice to see her growing up like that, both as a woman and a doctor. She deserves a child, but I'm not excited about the Zola storyline. Although I don't think that a baby in the show is a problem, look at Calzona and Mark, we barely see Sofia anymore and it's not an issue.
2- Jackson and April are useless, they are not bringing anything to the show, time to let them go.

Natalie pino

omg soo sadd i just want to ball my eyes out the hwole but i didnt i was strongg and then the end was perfecttt !!!! YAYAYA ZOLAS BACKKK


I have watched the Mer/Der/Zola reunion over an over again...beautiful! :)


Baby will be dead at season finale. It does have an illness, right?

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