Grey's Anatomy Review: Life Altering Moments

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After what seems like the longest hiatus ever, Grey’s Anatomy is finally back, returning this week with an episode that delivered tragedy, death and a surprise visit for some of our favorite docs. Did “Suddenly” deliver? The wait is over... so let’s discuss now!

Charts Tell the Story

RIP Henry. As sad as it is to see Scott Foley go, GA made the right choice in ending this relationship. This is going to steer Teddy’s character into a dark direction that we have yet to see from her. The scenes between her and Cristina were perfection. Cristina kept her robot mentality for the most part; Teddy finally showed some real emotion. The delivery of the news to the new widow is a scene that should go on both stars' acting reels. Teddy alone with Henry’s body? Heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking...

Fighting For Their Lives

The Deadliest Crash. This was absolutely a case that deserved a two episode arc. First of all, Lily the daughter, is a serious beast. She survives the crash only to watch both her parents and her grandmother die. On her eighteenth birthday, no less. While she was preparing to step up for her siblings, she was unknowingly preparing Meredith for something even bigger (more on that below). 

The scenes between her and Mer was sweet, showing a side of Grey that we haven’t seen in a while. The one thing that I hated about this case? The stomach turning glass shard in the eye!! Seriously, I will be fine if I never see anything like that again. Leading to...

The New Triangle. Now that Jackson is out of Lexie’s relationship life, there is a room for a new person in her triangle with Mark. Welcome back, Julia, the eye doctor who Lexie beamed with a softball. This is a welcome change which hopefully will lead to some laughs. There wasn’t too many of those in this installment.

Mark's Girlfriend Julia

The return of Zola! Meredith and Derek were sharing such a nice scene, one where Derek even seemed like McDreamy again, when the doorbell rang. I half expected it to be Zola, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be. These two deserve to be happy after everything they have been through, but I’m still not 100% sold on the baby angle. This is a show about adults working in a hospital. This is where the majority of the time is spent. This is not a show about children. As long as Zola doesn’t become too big a part, I’m good with it. What do you think? Are you glad they got their baby back?

Lexie With Bangs

Some After Thoughts...

  • Grey’s should never take that long of a break again. I almost forgot how gorgeous Avery and Sloan are.
  • Cristina’s impersonation of Kepner was amazing. Seriously. Dead on. She should do that in every episode.
  • Arizona, Callie, Avery, and April took a back seat tonight. Can’t say I really missed them all that much.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was the return of Grey’s Anatomy everything you expected it to be? Are you glad that Derek and Zola got their baby back? Can they finally live happily ever after? Sound off below and don’t forget to check back for the official GA roundtable. 


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If you DVR the episodes, you can turn on the closed captioning to catch the name of bands playing songs and some of the lyrics. I bought 3 songs during the episode last night. I would love to see more ALEX! I think there needs to be some SERIOUS ethical investigations after this "night" at SG/MW. Owen needs to be questioned on his judgement/abuse of an employee. As much as I LOVE Callie, serious lapse in professionalism to let this kind of mistake occur.


Great episode. Meredith, Cristina and Alex rocked every scene they were in. They really make the show. Need more Alex, though. Really enjoyed the story with Lily and her family. That was so, so much better than the Denny 2.0 retread. Still feel nothing for Teddy, and hope she leaves, taking April and Avery with her. Useless, useless characters. Didn't miss Callie, either, and I already like Mark's new girl way more than Lexi.


They should put it in so derek and Meredith have a baby, and I won't be watching it if the aren't signed up for anonther season


Why the episode is not iTunes yet?


Love Alex in the pink cover!!
I can do without Christina - fast forward thru all of her scenes. (OK I did watch her tell Teddy!)
Nothing was missed in not having any Callie & Arizona scenese- YUCK!
NEED MORE Mark & Lexie together!!! I hope they are not going to turn into Mer / Der do we, don't we, on again, off again.........


What an episode!! Cried in the 1st 2 minutes of the episode itself!!
I'm not the biggest fan of Zola either but after looking at Merediths face, she had a look of pure joy. I'm kinda glad!
Teddy and Christina. OMG Amazing!!
This is turning out to be an awesome season!! The hiatus was truly killing!!


loved this episode!! the show was gone too long. i cried like a baby during this one. between henry dying, seeing lexie watch mark with that "girlfriend" of his, seeing teddy being told about henry and watching her sit there with his body, and meredith and derek getting zola back there were no more tissues in the house by the end of the hour. i missed my show so much. still not sure how i feel about MerDer being parents but maybe i just need to warm up to it. the whole mark with this new girl thing better end soon because i really miss him and lexie together. i found it so funny that lexie started hating her and by the end was like "damn it i like her!". oh and after the social worker showed up at the door with zola and they thought it was the pizza guy i IMMEDIATELY told my mom to order a pizza just hoping that a baby sister would show up on our doorstep instead, wishful thinking. anyways, i missed you grey's anatomy, please don't leave me again!! :)


I have to say the final moment of the episode, Mer's reaction when she saw the baby and 3 of them together is worthy of series finale scene. I believe that was the best acting of EP in Grey's. The emotions showed was so real!
I just had hope they had kept this scene as the series finale!
To see Mer, from a dark and twisted type, who was so scared to even love somebody, evolve to this, is perfect


@p.k. cent: The song that was playing when Zola came back was Snow Patrol's ;New York' which is an amazing song :D Great Episode, Grey's is back!!!


I'm not a huge MerDer fan, but I have to admit it... I may have shed a tear or two when they got their baby back.

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