Grey's Anatomy Review: Widow Casserole, Anyone?

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Now this is what I call an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was classic in all of the best ways: sad, funny, witty, tragic, with relationship drama at it’s best. "Hope for the Hopeless” was an hour packed with drama. So now that I have stopped with the shocked face and tears, it’s time to discuss this latest installment.

It was bound to be a monumental day. Richard was prepping for his 10,000th surgery, Meredith and Derek were getting ready for Zola’s party. It was going to be a good few hours for our favorite doctors... until it wasn’t.

Three’s Company. I almost forgot how crowded the Grey/Shepherd house; it’s a good thing the Dream House is in the works. After living with a married couple with a baby, two exes and random girls, it was time for April, Alex,and Jackson to move out. Do I sense a new Three’s Company? Things are bound to get awkward considering the tension and interest between April and the boys. She is about to become one lucky girl with those roommates.

Serious Stare

Pass The Tissues. “Hope for the Hopeless” was an emotional one for several reasons. Adele... Cristina and Owen... Patients...

“I’ll be with Daddy in heaven.” Seriously, tug on my heart strings. The young boy with the tumor was so emotional. I can’t imagine being involved in this scenario. Kudos to the writers for another dramatic case that us viewers can not get enough of. Seriously.

My Funny Valentine. So it is official: Alzheimer’s is super sad and it is heartbreaking watching Adele suffer. Not only has Richard experienced this with Ellis, but now with his wife. Webber singing to his love was one of the sweetest things ever and I could not help but tear up. Confusing Meredith for Ellis? Icing on the cake.

Loretta Devine is a welcome guest on this show any week in  my book. Every time she shows up she is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t you agree?

Poor Adele

Yay Zola! The cutest McFamily ever was preparing for Zola’s big party and through this, you can’t help but realize how much Meredith has grown up. The homemade cake? Adorable. Even better? Giving it to Richard for his 10,000th surgery. How awesome was Mer taking the widow casseroles as food for the party?!?

Zola Shepherd

The Argument Heard ‘Round The World. The tension has been mounting. It’s been a consistent storyline that has been building. Cristina and Owen came to blows over what started as her and Teddy stealing a surgery and then turned nto the abortion. I’m not too sure that these two can bounce back from this. I have to admit, although I haven’t always been the biggest fan of this pairing, this has been an arc I have come to appreciate. How about you?

Richard, Meredith

After Thoughts:

  • Richard is the best faux father to Meredith. Watching these two is one of the most enjoyable parts of this show.
  • Mark doesn’t want to rush into his relationship with Julia. Good idea. The whole “I love you” from Julia felt soon, even for me.
  • I expected a little more from guest star Nia Vardalos. This case didn’t really do it for me.
  • Even though Mer would be great as a General Surgeon, she needs to get back to neuro. It’s where her heart is and that’s where she can work on Alzheimers.
  • Jackson gets the award for most underused character again. Even though this is a big cast, those eyes deserve more screen time than what he has been getting.
  • Teddy is still pissed at Owen, rightfully so. Loved the widow casserole. 
Celebrating Richard
“Hope for the Hopeless” is most definitely an hour of Grey’s Anatomy that deserves a second viewing. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was this episode up to the Grey’s standard?
The series has been bringing its A game this season, and I, for one, cannot wait to see more of it. So hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the latest installment. Don’t forget to check back for the official GA Round Table later this week.


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I was bawling by the end and when the cries started to role my heart dropped and my mouth was gaping open....... Now they all know, christina is not going to take that well and then turn it around on owen and blame him for everyone knowing, she doesn't like people knowing her business. The while zola thing is awesome. I love seeing mer and mcdreamy happy, i also love that they can get past the losing zola thing and be a happy family. Mcsteamy needs to get his head out of his a$s and get back with lexie. Also, I am accepting bets on who is gonna hook up with april, Im kinda hoping its alex, then izzy comes back and messes all that up.

Jose t

Mer Looks kinda evil in that pic....


Fantastic episode. Nia Vardalos was wasted. Tumor boy storyline was awesome! Happy about Zola but come on, we need some Merideth/Derek screen time. I realize that he wants to race cars, but come on. Mer needs to turn up pregnant. That would be interesting. I'm really kind of on the fence about Owen and Christina. She is what she is and he knew that when he married her. She put up/went through a lot to be with Owen. Lets not forget his PTST and his choking her. She stood by him. I understand how he feels about the abortion, but did he ever look at who he married? That should never have been a surprise. I hope with some counseling they can work this out because they're perfect together. I think Teddy could leave and not be missed. She could make room for Izzy. Avery and Kepner? Hmmmm...sounds interesting. Adele and Richard were superb!


I feel Lexie, Jackson and April are used too little. Just like Alex.
It used to be about this intern and how they grow.. I want Izzie back, just to see Alex get happy again. If Derek leaves at the end of the season it would work to bring Izzie back.


solid epi,rewatched OC's last scene many times which's the most amazing acting
I feel sorry for Owen,Cristina's a little xxass in the epi,who seems have no idea how much his husband got hurt
Ya, kevin & Sandra got my heart


I totally agree with this review! Great episode. I also haven't been the biggest fan of Christina and Owen but now I have mixed feelings! But of course I'm on Christinas side! Yap Jackson needs more screentime. This guy looks too good for not being center^^ and yes it was a teary eyed episode. Just how I like my Grey's!


An almost perfect episode! Really enjoyed the whole episode!
The MArc/Calzona chemistry was really funny to watch.
I love happy family Shepard! They are just perfect!
Adele! Oh what a name in this last year! I almost cried when she and R where singing so amazing!
An than came the bomb! We all saw it coming but I hoped Owen would first fight with Teddy! But his painful fight with Xtina made it such an amazing episode! I got such a chill when Hen said that Xtina killed their child!
Really heartbreaking!
So now I don't know where what if episode fits here, but Ok Shonda doesn't do anything without a reason! SHonda we trust U!


I really want to like Julia but I feel like we don't even know her that well yet. It was great getting to know her a bit last week but she definitely needs more airtime before I'm ok with this pairing.


Adele and the little boy with cancer stole the show. The little boy who knew his fate but wanted to protect his mother was so touching. Adele's descent into madness is hard to watch, but beautifully executed by Loretta Devine. I loved the way she remembered the words of the song and then after it was over, the confusion was back and she really couldn't understand why she was in the observation room. Poor Richard...Meredith was there for him and I'm so glad he has someone.


I'm hoping Sandra Oh is leaving Grey's at season 8's end, thus the reason for this depressing, dark storyline with Owen. I adore Sandra Oh but I'm ready to see her portray a different type character on TV.

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Julia: Love you.
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