Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Suddenly"

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Welcome back to the Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursday's 2012 premiere, "Suddenly," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West. Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


Teddy finally receives the news of her husband’s death. Where will this take her character? How mad will she be at Owen for not giving her the update?

Courtney: Teddy is definitely going to spiral. How can she not? The man she loved died while being operated on by her best friend and protege. That is a tough pill to swallow. We will most likely get some awesome scenes from Kim Raver as she deals. I was expecting her to freak out on Cristina since she performed the surgery, but she didn't. I'm not sure if she is saving the anger for Owen, and if she is... sucks to be him. It hadn't hit her yet, but when it does and she realizes how long Owen waited to not give her the news, she is going to be pissed. Maybe this will play a part in the tension between Cristina and Owen that is clearly still there.

Sean: Teddy is going to become drastically distant to the other characters and most importantly to Owen. It’s either going to make her more determined and dedicated to saving lives to where she ignores everything else, or she can’t cope with working where her husband died. If anything, there’s going to be a Cristina and Owen tension as well, but they’ll be able to get past it faster.

Christina: Saying that Teddy is going to be furious is probably an understatement. I, too, expected her to completely freak out on Cristina. I predict to see her beyond infuriated with Owen and unwilling to forgive him for quite some time.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Meredith and Derek got their baby back! How will the presence of Zola change their relationship?

Courtney: I haven't been the biggest fan of Zola, but if it keeps Derek acting like McDreamy and Meredith bright and shiny, I'm good with it. I said in my review that I hope the baby still plays somewhat of a back seat so we can focus on the adults. After everything that has gone on between these two, Meredith is now in a place to be a mature and responsible person. This is only going to make things better for them.

Sean: To be honest, it felt like a cop out at the end. There was a more dramatic tone with the losses of the episode and I loved that Derek and Meredith were working together through it all. You could tell that their relationship was strengthening. Yet, bringing Zola back makes an easy happy ending with Derek and Meredith. Sure, there will be some problems, but I was hoping for Derek and Meredith working together simply for themselves and not because any outside forces would do it for them.

Christina: It’s going to change their relationship for the better. I can’t wait to see them juggle working together as a team as parents while continuing to be all-stars at the hospital. Finally, the McFamily is back on track. Next up: the dream house. I am stoked!

3. Should Bailey get back together with Ben?

Courtney: The girl has been lucky over the past two seasons, getting to spend time with both Ben and Eli. As much as I liked the latter, Ben is a better fit for her. I'm saying it; take the plunge Bailey. Ben is one hot doc!!

Sean: Of course! Enough space! Let’s get it on!

Christina: Definitely! What’s holding her back?! Quick, think of a couple name for Ben and Bailey. Benley?!

Derek and Julia

4. Sloan’s girlfriend made her first appearance inside the walls of Seattle Grace. Should Mark and Lexie get back together now or is Julia a better match for him?

Courtney: Sloan and Lexie are end game for me but I'm somewhat intrigued by Julia's character. Age wise, and maturity wise for that matter, Julia probably is a better match for Mark. Do I think that this relationship will lead him back to Lexie? Sure. But I'm good with Julia sticking around for a while. She is a new challenge and Sloan deserves some relationship time. I mean this is McSteamy. The man needs to have some fun.

Sean: I don’t know enough about Julia to determine if she’s a better match, but the Mark and Lexie “will they, won’t they” will probably play heavy for the rest of the season.

Christina: As a huge Slexie fan, I was surprised by how intrigued I was by Julia’s character. She does seem to be a better fit for Mark for now; however, I’m still hoping that Slexie is endgame. Besides, hopefully the writers can give Lexie something more productive to do than just pining over Mark. After all, she’s a Grey.

5. Make your predictions for the remainder of the eighth season.

Courtney: Derek and Meredith will struggle adjusting to having a baby with their busy careers but will figure it out. Owen and Cristina are headed for splitsville. Teddy will be in depression for quite some time. Bailey will get back with Ben and Lexie and Mark will rekindle their relationship. Crossover time with Private Practice. Some other things I wish would happen: Alex finds a new relationship (he has the worst luck with the ladies!), Jackson and April hook up, and the dream house is move-in ready by seasons end.

Sean: Derek and Meredith will be baby focused and leading towards a happy ending. Owen and Cristina will have problems but will eventually make up. Teddy isn’t going to be as trusting. Jackson and April will be looking for love. Even Alex might find some. And of course, some crazy procedures will lead to those classic dramatic moments.

Christina: Aside from everything that Courtney mentioned, I’d like to add that I want to see more fascinating medical cases including more about the Alzheimer’s trial. Also, I can’t wait until the crossover episode! It’s going to be ah-mah-zing!

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


I honestly think maybe something might happen to Adele... I know she isnt in the forefront and nether is Webber but i think they have spent so much time in the background that its about time they have some type of earth shattering storyline.


They'll probably put april with Jackson. Even as a friend his reaction to Alex' douchy bahaviour last year spelled out that there was something there. That said April is growing on me. If she continues to develop a more assertive side I'd like to see them take Alex and April for another spin.


As long That Shonda leaves Merder and Zola in a happy place she will always have an audience and fans.i hope she understood it.


I reckon there'll be a random shift in focus to the end of their fifth year of residency now! Y'know a bit like how in Season 7 it was suddenly announced RIGHT after they were all suddenly over the shooting that the race for Chief Resident was on? So there'll be some dark and twisties for Meredith about her lack of Neuro, tension between Cristina and Teddy because of the Henry thing maybe leaving Cristina, once again, Cardio-god-less. And I get the feeling Kepner will be getting a bit more story, either becoming a bit more of a rock-star chick or breaking down perhaps. I have to say I don't want her with either Jackson or Alex though. Am I the only person who was rooting for her and Stark? I'm predicting Mark and Lexie will get back together eventually, but wouldn't it be cool to see a bit more of Julia? I think she's great. Hey, maybe Shonda should put her down as a possible replacement if some of the originals go by the end of the season!


i just hope that marlk and lexie will be together again soon...i miss them so them together!!! i think that couple need more drama in the show


Teddy: Will be angry, mainly at Owen for not telling the truth when she asked, she will forgive Cristina at least she told the truth. Shepherds: Move into McDreamhouse, to work together again in NEURO! and be challenged professionally. Bailey: Love me some Benley, yes please do it girl. Sloan: Didn't like Julia in the baseball episode, but she has proved herself in this episode, although i'm nicknaming her Lexie 2.0 very similiar in the looks department. Slexie is endgame. Remainder: Owen/Cris heading for a heated blowup and splitsville, Jackson go work for grandpappy or hook up with April, Callie/Arizona/Sofia remain in the happy glow as a back story only, Alex needs a girlfriend and will get the peds fellowship, Cris will receive the cardio fellowship, Mer would love to see her back in neuro with that fellowship otherwise i'll say general surgery, Bailey to become interim chief when Owen steps down, MerDerZola will be happy another child on the way?, Webber could retire.


Im excited to see baby Zola back. cop out or not, I enjoy seeing a happy ending in a show where I spend most of the time getting teary eyed. Derek and Meredith have been through so much through the seasons, how is it a cop out to finally see something good happen to them???


Honestly, was Owen even supposed to tell her?? I don't think he should have. One, it was Christina's patient and she should be the one to break the news, and two, what was he supposed to do, pull her out of surgery, tell her that her husband dies, and then send her back in? It seems unreasonable that Christina and Teddy would be upset about that, although emotion wise it is a little understandable. They'll want to blame someone, and Owen will probably be it. I'm glad Zola is back. She makes Derek and Meredith so happy! I hope Lexie and Mark get together again, but Julia isn't so bad. I really hope that Owen and Christina stay together. They're my favorite GA couple, and for a long while they were the only reason I kept watching.


1.I was expecting Teddy to flip out more. I suppose she'll do that later...and it may lead to her leaving because she can't take it anymore.Outside of the Henry thing I never seen Teddy as a necessary character, I've been expecting her to disappear for some time now. 2.I don't know. I really don't care. Bringing back Zola did seem like a cop out. A pretty bow to put ontop of everything.The entire storyline seemed a bit eh for me. I'm not all that interested or invested in merder drivel though. 3.Benley all the way! 4.I say let Mark and Julie ride it out.Mark continuously gets screwed (pun not intended) let him have peace for a change. 5.Le sigh. Potential love thing for Alex plus him more invested in his Peds.Merder struggles with balancing parenthood and work.Playing out of Slexie will they, won't they. Jackson and April probably hooking up. Owen and Yang marital issues. Teddy spiraling. Richard having a ball, and Calzona fluff.


Can't say I'm excited to see Zola back. Can't help thinking the social worker would have called to make sure someone was in before bringing the baby round! Is it the last series? Mer and Derek could waltz off leave the way clear for some other characters to open out a bit.
Teddy is going to go ballistic at Owen. He's somewhere she can be safe with - and she's going to need someone to scream at eventually. Will her loss bring out the protective instincts in....Sloan?
I have no idea how Teddy will react to Christina. Will she find out that Christina was fooled as well? It was typically brave of Christina to be the person to break the news to Teddy, when everyone else was lying to her. That one fact might be the thing that saves Christina in Teddy's eyes.
In the end, I suppose Teddy will go. It would be understandable when she realised that everyone around her had lied to her and not trusted her to act professionally in spite of bad news.

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