Happy Endings Review: No Scrubs!

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Well, we all knew this day would come. Dave finally got a V-neck intervention! In "Makin' Changes!," Max and Alex decided to call out their pal while Penny decided she needed to make some changes for the "Year of Penny."

If you all remember from "The Bro Code," Dave take his V-necks very seriously. I must say, I don't really mind the v-necks. Hello have ya'll seen Dave's body? In fact, I think he needs to get shirtless more often in order to avoid the V-neck farmer tan. Problem solved!

Happy Endings Horror!

This episode was really late 90s/early millennium themed, which I LOVED. We had Penny bust out TLC's "No Scrubs," Jane's old Gwen Stefani look and, of course, Brad's reinvention of the show Jackass, Blackass.

How dope was Old Brad? I mean, I love new Brad, but I'm sure he was super entertaining in college. The fact that Brad thought Jackass was discriminating and created "BlackAss" instead was just phenomenal. He even had his own version of Wee Man. Even better than Brad's references to 311, Sugar Ray, etc, the best part about this was when Jane realized her mistake and morphed into Old Jane to apologize.

Damn, you just know that Jane rocked the punk girl look, pink hair and all. Jane may seem all buttoned up and OCD now, but deep down that girl is a freak and likes to get down. I would love to see some college flashbacks of the gang. 

The lesson to be learned in all of this is that Jane didn't change Brad, they simply grew up. Because, contrary to what Leslie Mann's character told us in Knocked Up, you just cannot change a man. Sorry, Pen. 

Jeff's whole persona cracked me up. He had the soul patch, the futon, the lingo and the fact that he "looked like he was squatting in a vacant Bennigans," all down to a science. When he slow mo waltzed into the bar, I really thought we were going to hear Salt n' Peppa's "Whatta Man." That would really have taken me back.

Max and Alex didn't really get to shine this week, but that's okay, it's good to take turns. This episode totally belonged to Brad and it was well worth it. Also, are we really supposed to believe that Alex is a total airhead? And what happened to her crazy bird?

Despite the fact that the group felt scattered in this episode, there were still tons of great lines and laughs. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought!


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Great and talented cast. Acting: trying too hard, over the top. Too much of the cast are doing the same spastic, broadway look at me, I'm being funny trying too hard schtick. Gotta trust that real sincerity and the moments will come out when you dial it down or have levels in your delivery. When the wife - (can't remember her name) blonde girl with the fake pink hair finally came to Damon Wayons Jr.'s character at the end of the show, that was a real moment...finally I didn't' feel like barfing and I saw their true acting talent, instead of their sword fighting with forks and silly overdone acting over a steak.


Great episode! My favorite moment was when Alex was smothering Dave with the pillow and he's yelling, "No Uncle Rich". Max's response: "My Uncle Rich?" Don't know why but that had me laughing so hard!!


loved it.. jane and brad were my favorites!

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Don't change for a guy, meet a guy and change him.


Every choice you make in your life about everything is monumentally wrong.

Jane [to Penny]