Happy Endings Review: You're Not Johnny Drama!

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Okay, things are going to get really awkward if the writers of Happy Endings try to make Dave and Penny happen after tonight's development.

In "Meat the Parrots," we found out Dave's dad and Penny's mom are doing the horizontal mamba. I think many people echo my sentiments when I say that we have enough step-sibling incest on TV already with Gossip Girl!

Another awkward, but hilarious development was the fact that Dave and his father both like to go commando. Guess Dave's new big sis, Penny, won't be able to give him any atomic wedgies! Besides, Penny's really did go overboard with the "baby bros" despite the hilarity of that Johnny Drama line. 

Happy Endings Guest Stars

By the way, you have to appreciate the writing on a show that can reference Entourage and Rear Window in the same episode. Alex was getting Jimmy Stewart paranoid about that Chinese restaurant. Damn, business must be bad.

And FYI, girl, that racist homophobic parrot isn't going to help bring in any customers! Neither will the mood rings. That's about as passe as Entourage being funny (aside from the early seasons, of course.)

That all being said, I totally would've been spying alongside the crew. I love that they ordered every single item on the menu and Alex, never one to waste food, even dragged it along to go on their mission. 

Great guest stars tonight, although Ed Begley Jr. was slightly random. His sandwich sounded so delicious, though. The casting for the parents on this show so far has been perfect. Dave and Penny both played perfectly opposite their parental units. And the Big Dave and Dana actually seemed like a cute convincible couple to me!

Brad and Max had the smaller storyline this week, but I thought they brought the bigger laughs. While this wasn't the best Happy Endings, it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Hit the comments and don't forget to check out the hilarious and dirty quotes. "Dialed like a rotary phone?" I'm still laughing.


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This show is a million times better than 2 Broke Girls. They have the worst stereotypes possible (and try to justify it with "oh well, i'm a gay guy who I can totally shit on other minorities") and this show flips stereotypes on their head and f*cks them stupid. Forever fav, Happy Endings


Alex is getting good for non-verbal comedy.


I couldn't stop laughing when Alex said she got the parrot from someone on the internet who went by A-Ryan420...not realizing that it was actually Aryan420. LOVED Alex and the sippy cup, Elisha Cuthbert is slowly becoming the main source of comedy. Max and Brad had me cracking up.


horizontal mamba? is that what they are now calling the pants down move around?


Maybe this episode wasn't supposed to follow the previous one or the previous episode was joking about Dave and Penny for story purposes.

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Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

My dad got bangs!


Jane: Wait Big Dave is coming to town? God I love your dad!
Alex: Ugh, the man hates me for no reason.
Everyone: You left Dave at the altar!!!