Hart of Dixie Review: Belle of the Paint Ball

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For the record, Zoe Hart is a far braver human being than I am. Not only did she not scream like a 12-year old girl at the sight of a mouse, she actively pursued its capture.

Must be a New York City thing.

But Zoe's rodent hunt was only the beginning of her aggressive behavior on "Hell's Belles," as our favorite southern doctor made it her mission to dig into her past, quickly learning that she has far more in common with Lemon Breeland than any of us could have imagined. The discovery led to moments both funny and revelatory.

Total Frenemies

Before I applaud the show for climbing Zoe's family tree, let's all hope Rachel Bilson isn't asked to sing again. No offense, girl. You're just a much better rapper.

Now back to the episode: it's almost difficult to remember that Zoe ended up in Bluebell because she couldn't land a residency in New York without improving her bedside manner. This was only meant to be a one-year sabbatical before returning to her preferred life up north... but Zoe immediately started talking about living up to the expectations of her birth father, as opposed to working to achieve her goal of a career in The Big Apple, and I just didn't buy it.

So I'm glad the show sort of hit the reset button here. It makes perfect sense that Zoe would feel lost in Alabama, uprooted from everything she knows and everything she had believed about herself. Brick actually delivered a nice speech to motivate his pupil/co-worker/enemy at the outset and it was a welcome step for Zoe to take some time to dig into her past.

Now I feel invested in her journey. Now every reference to Harley won't feel forced and Zoe will feel like a more well-rounded character, someone who is legitimately lost and confused and who is as equally focused on who she wants to be as what she wants to be.

Not to mention, the episode was damn funny throughout: From the mere sight of Zoe in that dress; to her comparison of Fort Lauderdale to heaven; to the joke about the town eunuch between Wade and Lavon; to Zoe asking if the town is permitted to discuss "feminine products" out loud. Great, humorous moments all around.

But positively no moments of romance on the episode, which may have bothered some. Not me, however.

Granted, the winter finale may have concluded with an acknowledgment by Zoe that Wade could be the man for her, but it's clear the show wants to take its time building these two up. I'm fine with that. It would grow old, not to mention irritating, very quickly if these two exchanged glances and/or came oh-so-close to kissing every week. I'd much rather have them take some time apart (did they even talk this episode? No, right?) and for the series to work on their character development before throwing them straight into... Zade? Woe?

As they say in real life, you can't truly love someone until you love yourself. It's similar on television. You can't truly love a couple until you know each individual well on his/her own and that's exactly what we were treated to here.

Wade can't JUST be a hot guy who rarely wears a shirt and often cracks wise. It was refreshing to take a deeper look into his family. Wade's relationship with his father clearly plays a role in how he develops relationships with others, explaining why he's more apt to make a sarcastic crack than really open up. The guy didn't exactly grow up in a loving household - but maybe it's not too late to change that.

Finally, we come to Lemon, who was also forced to explore her background this week and how it's shaped her treatment of those around her. I'd say this was the best job yet the show has done at softening the character and making her somewhat believable, but it may be too late for me. All the Bluebell women just come across as one-note stereotypes.

I roll my eyes when they blabber on about some local tradition, or act like airheads who believe in a pregnancy curse, or, in Lemon's case, are simply really mean. Perhaps Lemon and Zoe are now veering closer to frenemy than enemy territory now, which will give the former a chance to evolve, but she's still my least favorite character.

Overall, though, a very welcome return to Bluebell. If Zoe feels like a mystery novel with the final chapter torn out, this episode went a long way toward writing one that is both funny and moving.


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+ Wade's dad and his relationship with Wade was both complicated and touching - more please!


The episode was very funny and I agree with the reviewer: it's better to drag Zoe and Wade out for some time (and not have them declare their love for eachother every week) then it'll be even better when they -some way down the road actually DO get together -then they'll be more like a Luke/Lorelai couple than a Chuck/Blair couple.
I liked that they brought DeDe and the supermarket-that's-about-to-ruin-town storylines back, that way the episodes seens less random and more well-rounded.
I also liked Wade's and Lavon's Nascar-babes-plan -it was bound to fail, lol!


Fav scene was the ending with Zoe and Brick they have a strong bond and they don't even know it


I love this show! They are taking thinks slow, really getting into character development(90210 writters should take some tips from them!)
i love every single characters even Lemon's dad! So my lucky guess is that Justin Hartley is Wade brother! Blondy, army guy, popping up from never!!


@Matt (part 1)
Do you know much about Southern women? Obviously this show is a tad over exaggerated but not all that much. Really. Small town Southern women are a breed of their own! I can't stress that enough. I can't speak on the behalf of Alabama but down here in Arkansas, specifically the Delta region, we take our communities serioulsy, we go grave hunting-went a few weeks ago myself. We want to know about our roots, which ancestor fought in which war. We're bitchy and manipulative and we think we're rich, well until we drive to Little Rock. We live off iced tea and fried chicken. Every town has a festival. Natural Fest, Crawfish Fest, Tomato Fest, Railroad Fest, We're crafty.


(part 2) We sew, quilt, crossstitch, make our own Christmas tree ornaments. We shoot animals and then display their horns in our living rooms. We hang out and barbaque on the Mississippi levey. We're two seasons behind in fashion. The only fast food place is Sonic and we have to drive an hour to get to a movie theater with stadium seating Community events often involve church socials and Friday night football games. We're gossipy, we know the details, those same details which cause many people to flock to big cities. But above all, Southern women hate strangers! Don't get me wrong, we can smile and dine with the best of them, but underneath those smiles are devils in disguise. And maybe for all those reasons is why I like this show. It reminds me of my roots.


Zoe did talk to Wade when see went in to get ice tea. He made her sing after saying honey. That was the only time they were together. I no it takes time but with so many of my other shows doing the slow bulid up it gets annyoing. I feel bad for Lemon but still really don't like her.

Leigh r

OMG I would love some OC stunt casting. Zoe took those paintballs like a champ. For the record, this New Yorker would be screaming if there was a mouse in her apartment.


Some good parts but still too many bad parts. Lemon is irredeemably awful. Deedee/Lavon plot was poor. The belles are flat. Anna-Beth can be funny. Wade/Earl/George plot was fine. I liked when Zoe talked to herself.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Have been dreading when this lightweight Network series ...would sink into LAME...and it did this week...... Bilson is great to look at...but been there done that already..... Short leash...and would expect i bury this show soon...right next to the TV grave of Gossip Girl and Pretty Young Liars...

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