Hart of Dixie Review: Swing and a Miss-tress

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I understand that not a lot happens each week in Bluebell.

We visit the town on Monday nights mostly because Zoe is cute, Wade is attractive and Levon is funny. Hart of Dixie doesn't really do cliffhangers or twists or turns, and that's mostly fine. It can be enjoyable to just switch your mind off for an hour and plop yourself down in the middle of these quirky residents.

But the lack of suspenseful storylines simply makes relationships on the show all the more important, and "Mistress & Misunderstandings" took two major steps back in that regard.

Happy Hart

Wasn't it just two episodes ago, on the winter finale, where Zoe appeared to be opening up her heart to Wade? Granted, nothing actually happened and, yes, it makes sense there might still be some back and forth between these two.

That's what happens on TV shows, that's the sort of suspense Hart of Dixie wants to pull off, but the behavior by both these characters now feels contrived, like the writers have grown desperate to keep them apart for as long as possible. Their actions this week certainly erased any progress that was seemingly made on "Hairdos and Holidays."

Between past looks and kisses, it's just silly for Wade to still think Zoe is uninterested. And between her past exchanges with her neighbor, or even with George for that matter, it seems even sillier that proverbial sparks would fly from a smooch with Judson. Did anyone buy that lip lock? Does anyone really believe Zoe has feelings for the vet? I didn't think so. This reeks, as I said, of the writers needing to create an obstacle in order to delay the inevitable coupling of Zoe and Wade.

Meanwhile, wasn't it just one episode ago where the ice thawed a bit between Zoe and Lemon? What happened to the latter gaining some respect for the former after last Monday's Belle-based escapades?

That progress simply vanished here, as both Lemon and Zoe acted as if they were the same rivals they had always been. It's like last week's episode never happened, or previous ones for that matter, because the show has made it appear as if Zoe is gaining respect in town (she actually has her own patients now). It seemed like a stretch for AnnaBeth to be so afraid of their friendship going public.

These sorts of developments need to remain consistent on any series, but especially on one that relies so heavily on interactions between town residents. We need to believe there's some sort of evolution to these relationships, don't we?

That's why my favorite scene involved George and his enemy-turned-apologetic-drinking buddy. The former barely uttered a word, yet the look on his face - while his new friend rambled on and on about problems with his marriage that easily translate to George and Lemon - made it clear that he's just starting to realize the issue may not be Lemon's occasional nuttiness; it may actually be the two of them as a couple.

Which makes sense because George and Lemon together makes NO sense. I've noted it in past reviews, but it's worth saying again: he's nice and forgiving and open-minded, while she's simply... insufferable. Seriously, Lemon Breeland has to be my least favorite character on TV. She's just shallow and mean and stereotypical and a few instances of her crying won't change my mind.

So it was a frustrating episode overall. It's growing legitimately difficult to watch Lemon without hurling something at my television and, even more pressing, it's irritating that all progression on the Zoe and Wade front was erased simply for the sake of dragging out their courtship.

I need a double scotch myself after this one.


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Loved Lavon and Wade's reaction to hearing zoe was sneaking around with a girl. Typical males, but funny. Also Wade is just a hidden diamond, I hope he doesn't lose out to George in the end.


LOL. I can't believe the writers messed this up. This is just boy meets girl. The chemistry between W/Z is undeniable. I got hooked on the tension, tit for tat, and love/hate relationship which was evolving. When the show resumed it should have picked up were it ended. W expressing his feeling and Z her doubts placing them in a pro tonic relationship (keeping them together but yet apart). It would have been fun watching the flirting, the looks, and a kiss every now and then as the relationship intensified/evolved. Lady Antebellum describes it best Just a kiss: lets take this slow because I don't want to mess this up. I can't even process the madness with Judson/the blond.


i absolutely adored the reactions on lavon and wade's faces when they thought zoe might be a lesbian..ha too funny typical guys


Yeah, they aired those two episodes you're talking about with Addy out of order. It was the network's decision though, who knows why.


I'm with everyone who wants Zoe and Wade to really be together, but I think it's normal for it to take a while. It's not like nothing has happened between them. They gave a little bit, now they have to make us wait for it and survive on their interactions, which are always great. The vet thing is ridiculous, I agree. Maybe the writers are trying to say that Zoe doesn't even REALLY know what she wants? It puts new perspective on her crush on George, which ultimately I think boils down to a bit of wanting what you can't have mixed with missing NY. Zoe is looking everywhere except where she SHOULD be, which is at Wade. But they definitely need some movement on the Zoe/Wade front but from the spoilers it does seem like that will be happening so don't give up on the show people! I think we are going to start to see interest on Zoe's side, more tha what we saw in the Christmas episode.


Christine, I agree. Remember in the beginning the heatwave episode Zoe knew who Addy the nurse was and they had a conversation about Snoopy tattoos and cold showers. The very next episode Addy introduces herself to Zoe like they've never met before. I'm not sure if they're doing the episodes out of order, but I think they may have shot several at the same time and cut the scenes together out of order. Continuity is your friend, HoD.


I think they show these episodes out of order. Because nothing much happens in terms of cliff hanging etc. they just randomly pull them out. Hence - things like relationships advancing just get forgotten.


George Tucker was actually my favorite person in this episode which NEVER happens! I enjoyed his comedic moments (how instant-classic was that victory dance!?) and the more serious parts in the end too. I'm glad that he's FINALLY realizing that he and Lemon were never hot nor are they ever going to be. -Also liked that Lavon told Wade that the only thing standing between him and Zoe is himself -how cute was it that Wade bought a new shit and combed his hair like Lavon told him!? On the other hand: I can't BELIEVE what Zoe is doing back with the vet! He cheated on her with one of her New York friends before they even started going out! That bridge should be burned to the ground and YET here she is forgiving EVERYTHING, I mean: it's not like they even HAD a relationship BEFORE he ruined it, AKA there's nothing to salvage, they shold just have ended it when he slept with her friend -why oh why bring him back!?


Also, I hated that Zoe was so nice to Annabeth who basically rejected her because of her reputation. No New Yorker would have been that nice to cover for her in the end. They make Zoe so helpless and dumb. The woman is a DR not some dumb girl. They need to smarten her up a little bit. Lemon needs a chill pill. It's getting ridiculous!

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