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Him asking her to a drink was a moment, not a relationship turn. Realistically, when 2 people seemingly hate each other they don't get together that fast. Zoe doesn't see him that way yet. And what we love about them as a possible couple is their cute poking at one another. The writers are creating a realistic and fulfilling way for them to get together. If it took a couple seasons, there would be a MUCH better payoff. I also agree that lemon can be insufferable but that's part of what i love about her. She's perhaps the most complex character on the show because she tries to be perfect but she's so flawed. I don't' like Judon. And I agree that it was hard to see them liking each other after they'd only interacted twice. And the kiss did seem...not right. But anyway what makes the show interesting is all the quirks in the characters. It's meant to be an escapist atmosphere, a place where you wish you could go, like it was dreamed up as this perfect and odd little home town.


On a positive note, the whole storyline with Zoe and Becky was hilarious. With the analogy of having an imaginary affair and Zoe being 'Karl' the cheating Mistress it was funny with everybody's perception as the result of her perkiness.

The True Question. What Label does a male mistress = hmm... The Fixing Pipe Plumber?, The Tennis Coach?, The Hedge Gardener?, maybe 'Man for a Van.'


Um Dexter Idolizer....did you even watch the mid season finale? Wade didn't turn Zoe down, she turned him down when he asked her for a drink.


They better get zoe and wade together soon because right now it's getting pretty ridiculous! I agree with this review 100%. All the progress that they made went flying out the window and now she's actually going to get back with the terrible vet who slept with her best friend?! Really?!


It was a weaker show than usually! The Zoey dynamic worked really well and how can U not love this girl. But today I don't know why she didn't let her GF down. She put Zoey on the last place even when she made her that what she is! so I felt sorry for Zoey! Surprised they brought the McVet back, but It seems he has just purpose so the next episode will be amazing!

I missed the spark between Gemon as well, but them breaking up is something comming very soon probably season final. And it will be Lemon who makes the cut.
I missed some LaLevon, Labron is always a good part of the episode but he needs a really good story that holds on for some eps!


In all fairness, Lemon is the one always putting Zoe down. That's just who she is. I don't really ever see her truly warming up to Zoe for a while.
In regards to Wade, I honestly believe that it's his turn to make a move. Zoe asked him to go for a drink in the mid-season finale and he declined and rain-checked her. It's his turn to grow up and ask her out.
As for the George and Lemon, I have to agree with you. Lately, they just don't click. I noticed George's face as he came to the realization that him and Lemon will eventually be exactly as the fellow lawyer and his wife.
Not much really to say on Levon. I mean, he's Levon. I hope he actually does get something interesting his way soon. Some character development (excluding Lemon) would be great.


watch it writers, you're failing miserably at what could have been a good show

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