Hawaii Five-0 Review: New Year, Same Five-0

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"Ka Ho'oponopono" - The Fix

In our first offering of 2012, Steve and Five-0 took on a complex case that ended up being about more than was initially believed. I really enjoyed the twist and turns that it took, as I kept changing who I suspected and never saw the truth coming. 

Sadly, that was the majority of my enjoyment for this episode, as there were some moments that forced me to yell at the TV is disbelief.

To start, I’m really done with Shelburn. I was hopeful that when Joe and Chin Ho were in the car after the Yakuza drove by, we would get some sort of information. Sadly, nothing. Then, at the end when Steve pointed out he was tortured and Jena Kaye died and he wanted answers, I thought we might finally get the next bread crumb . Nope, nadda. I’m so tired of the show bringing up Shelburn but not moving the plot forward that I’m at the point where I simply don’t care anymore.

Joe and Chin Ho

Wait, we did learn that Joe help Hiro fake his death. Is this connected to Shelburn? Who knows?!? Joe got out of the car and walked away. Then again, Joe did a lot of walking out in this episode. At the police station, for example. Since when can the suspect be the one who decides when he is done and strolls out? I guess if the head of Five-0 is working as you’re personal chauffeur you can. Really, are you kidding me?

Then again, Steve had his fair share of beyond believable moments as well. First, he decided that Joe’s method of getting answers was a good one when he kidnapped the replacement jury member to get answers out of him by pretending to hold him off a cliff edge, then arrested him afterwards for the answers he gave. Really, are you kidding me? 

Afterwards, he decided to go solo into a Yakuza compound to rescue Joe. I’m not what I was more shocked by on this one: That he did a commando style raid, that he went alone or that he didn’t just arrest them all for kidnapping. After all, he had no problems arresting a guy he dangled off a rock ledge with a bag over his head.

Okay, to be fair, I did enjoy Lori and Kono at the school, especially Lori's reaction to the kid trying to run. While they seem to still be trying to figure out what image they want for Lori, I think she and Kono made a pretty nice team and hope we see them do more "girl power" scenes together.

In closing, I fully acknowledge that this series is a work of fiction and that many shows take liberties in the name of entertainment. However, that doesn’t give the writers carte blanche to assume the viewing audience knows nothing about the subject material or that we would believe anything they write. How about this: if you’re going to take reality off the table, could you write in some light sabers, phasers or an elf or two? Just to keep things interesting.


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I'm looking forward to seeing who Shelburn is. Don't think it will be either of McGarrets parents. Why would his mother pretend to be dead for 15 years. As to NCIS crossovers I tried to watch NCIS and couldn't get into it. None of the characters really interested me so not really interested in any crossovers. I'd much prefer to see more focus on the Fab 4 instead of introducing any more characters. I like Joe though and hope he stays. I love that he's a father figure for Steve and I'm enjoying the suspence of his story arc.


@Jeffrey - Waiting for a new episode is the hardest part. You wait 2 weeks then you get an episode you don't like, that's disappointing :(


Zia, you seem like a reasonable nice person and a great H50 fan as well! Hope you enjoy the rest of the season. Go H50!


I haven't seen a lot of NCIS LA but I do like it and going to try to watch more. I would like to see Kono and Steve go to LA, maybe something related to a drug case. The could easily tie in a Navy connection to bring NCIS LA in.


@Jeffrey....doing well. I can't wait either, I'm really curious who Shelburne is. Its getting late so won't get back on till tomorrow. @Rachel....it's been a little long for me with the Shelburne bit. Although, Shelburne is not the end of the story. Jim G had said a couple of episodes ago that he thought it was Mrs. McG, I did not think of that at the time, but would not mind that. I would like to see one of Steve's parents alive.
All the speculation we have had with the crossover of NCIS LA is because of whats happening on that show. I'm hoping that if its not Kensi's father, then her father has some sort of connection with the McG family for a crossover. For those who don't watch NCIS LA its probably not their choice, but the characters would be a really good mix from both shows, nothing permanent, just for an episode or two. If it is you have to admit they kept it pretty quiet, and we have had fun guessing, so give them all credit.


Even though some people are annoyed that Shelburne has not been revealed yet, i think it's important to keep an audience waiting in order to build suspense. It seems silly to reveal Shelburne straight away after finding out that it was a "who" and not a "what"; i think that 2.14 is a pretty good time to reveal who Shelburne is and with all the speculation I'm guessing it's either one of McG's parents. The father seems more likely but either one of the parents would be equally shocking.


How's everybody doing you fellow Hawaii five-oers> H ope everybody's doing fine,can't wait til January 16th, should be great/


@Zia...Thank you, but no need to feel sorry for me, I'm truly blessed. If my biggest complaints are whether a character on a tv show is going to be on for 4 or 11 more eps and my tv set I would say things are good.


@Zia - Deeks would definitely go with Kensi, and if it would be a life & death matter, Callan and Sam would go too. Anyway, let's hope we'll find out something before we grow old.


@jschoi....Sorry, life of a student. It won't be forever, hang in there. @Martinelli....It would be nice to see both teams, but you're right it won't happen. I do think that at least a couple of them could go to Hawaii and work with the 5-0 team. They did it with NCIS and NCIS LA. I'm pretty sure the actors won't mind going to Hawaii. All speculation, but fun.

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Chin Ho: HPD is not going to just let this go.
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Steve: Sir, you call me SIR.