Hawaii Five-0 Review: New Year, Same Five-0

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"Ka Ho'oponopono" - The Fix

In our first offering of 2012, Steve and Five-0 took on a complex case that ended up being about more than was initially believed. I really enjoyed the twist and turns that it took, as I kept changing who I suspected and never saw the truth coming. 

Sadly, that was the majority of my enjoyment for this episode, as there were some moments that forced me to yell at the TV is disbelief.

To start, I’m really done with Shelburn. I was hopeful that when Joe and Chin Ho were in the car after the Yakuza drove by, we would get some sort of information. Sadly, nothing. Then, at the end when Steve pointed out he was tortured and Jena Kaye died and he wanted answers, I thought we might finally get the next bread crumb . Nope, nadda. I’m so tired of the show bringing up Shelburn but not moving the plot forward that I’m at the point where I simply don’t care anymore.

Joe and Chin Ho

Wait, we did learn that Joe help Hiro fake his death. Is this connected to Shelburn? Who knows?!? Joe got out of the car and walked away. Then again, Joe did a lot of walking out in this episode. At the police station, for example. Since when can the suspect be the one who decides when he is done and strolls out? I guess if the head of Five-0 is working as you’re personal chauffeur you can. Really, are you kidding me?

Then again, Steve had his fair share of beyond believable moments as well. First, he decided that Joe’s method of getting answers was a good one when he kidnapped the replacement jury member to get answers out of him by pretending to hold him off a cliff edge, then arrested him afterwards for the answers he gave. Really, are you kidding me? 

Afterwards, he decided to go solo into a Yakuza compound to rescue Joe. I’m not what I was more shocked by on this one: That he did a commando style raid, that he went alone or that he didn’t just arrest them all for kidnapping. After all, he had no problems arresting a guy he dangled off a rock ledge with a bag over his head.

Okay, to be fair, I did enjoy Lori and Kono at the school, especially Lori's reaction to the kid trying to run. While they seem to still be trying to figure out what image they want for Lori, I think she and Kono made a pretty nice team and hope we see them do more "girl power" scenes together.

In closing, I fully acknowledge that this series is a work of fiction and that many shows take liberties in the name of entertainment. However, that doesn’t give the writers carte blanche to assume the viewing audience knows nothing about the subject material or that we would believe anything they write. How about this: if you’re going to take reality off the table, could you write in some light sabers, phasers or an elf or two? Just to keep things interesting.


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@amazingalex....I don't think they will kill off any of the core members, but they may injure them. I know we all probably thought Lori might be the one, especially if she is only going to be around thru 2.17. But that might be wishful thinking. I am still afraid Catherine coming back in 2.16 might get her killed off. They do like to kill women off in this series.....I don't know if the baby is going to be Danny's after all, it could. But, PLenkov said that Danny's science girlfriend,(I can't remember her name), will appear before the end of the season, so it might mean no reconcilliation between Danny and Rachael....... Leading Steve back to the champ box after all the years he kept him from everything makes me wonder why Joe thinks he still has to keep everything from Steve, if his own father decided to give Steve the evidence. @jschoi.....there will be another repeat after 2.14. It is the one where Lori is introduced.


@amazingalex...If it's not Lori I can only think of 3 others that it could be and I hope it's not one of them. They are Katherine, Malia and Rachael.


@Zia...It's way to much for me to wrap my head around, hope we get answers Mon. I also hope they are far enough ahead in shooting that we get a few new eps in a row, it got hard for me to follow with reruns thrown in.


@zia...well lets say wo fat goes after steves team. We know the core four are safe so maybe this is how they get rid of lori. I mean they are not gonna take out kono chin or danny. And it better not be katherine. If they bring her back to kill her off I will be so angry. I hope the baby is okay. I still think it is dannys. Sounds like a great episode though. I am going to go watch the extended promo now. And what you said about steves dad is a very good question, why would he lead steve to the evidence of the case he was investigating if it puts steve in danger. Unless the info will help steve figure out who shelburne is in time to keep himself safe. I am still not sure about it being his mom.


OK, lets just say that Shelburne is Doris McGarrett, we won't really know until Monday night, but lets say she is. Why would they need to fake her death? ..Is she really some sort of undercover person who was investigating Wofat, and the bomb was not meant for Mr. McG, but for her?
..There must have been a trace of a person in the car, so who was it?
..Did she witness Wofat killing someone?
..If Senior McG wanted to protect Steve, then why lead him to the lock box, which led him to the fact that his mother's death was being investigated as a murder and not an accident?


@Zia...How did Chin know to be at the laundry and why did she look his way like she was looking for some one. It's not much just made me curios. And if she had told him, and I have no evidence that she did, she told him he had to keep it to himself. Most likely he didn't know but that was a curios scene to me. Everything else points to he didn't know. Besides I'm trying give Kono and Chin a little love. Ha ha. LOL.


@jschoi....we must have been typing at the same time. I'm not sure what you mean about Kono. I thought Chin did not tell Steve he thought Kono was in trouble, but that Chin did not know she was undercover for IA. That all came out when they arrested Kono and Fryer came in. I'm not sure what else there is. If you saw something let us know. I would love to talk about Kono and Chin, but they don't really have a story line at the moment, they are being shown more in the investigations and Chin seems to be helping with info on Joe. I was dissappointed that they did not show more of the wedding. Hopefully they will get their chance at a story before the end of the season. I do remember seeing a tweet on PLenkov where someone asked if they will see DDK with no shirt on this season, and PL tweeted back, yes. So maybe there is something coming up.


Ok, you probably wish I had stayed away now.
This has nothing to do with H50, I apologize. I'm a winter sports nut and I just found out one of my idols world champion freestyle skier Sarah Burke was seriously injured in a training accident yesterday. Sarah lives were I snow board and I've had the opportunity to meet her. Please say a prayer for her.


There is an extended promo out for 2.14. The extended part shows Danny at the hospital with Rachael and she is having problems. In the promo Joe says to Steve, "I promised to protect you from all this", then another line is, "you and anyone you care about are in danger". What do you think about this? Does this mean someone is going to be injured or killed in the next few episodes? Is it a team member? I'm sure we all know that revealing Shelburne won't be the end of the story line, but depending on who Shelburne is, it could get interesting. Any thoughts? So far ending a character's story line, the writers have chosen to kill them off, rather then send them away.


I swallowed my medicine and trouble is back. Ha ha.
I going to a question that has bother me from when Kono was undercover. I downloaded 2,3,4 during vacation, I had 5 which I start in the middle, but I want follow the whole Kono story. I think she told Chin and he had to put on an act for Steve and the team. I ep 3 when Kono went the laundry to meet Frank Chin was there, and Kono got out of the car she looked in that direction like she was looking for someone.

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