Hell on Wheels Review: Losing Your Head

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Did that really just happen? Did the Reverend really cut off that Union soldier's head?

I had a feeling something bad was gonna go down, especially with the Reverend acting like he's been taking a massive dose of crazy pills recently.

Not only does he seem to let his white hair grow out, he doesn't really get dressed anymore, and he stumbles around with a creepy grin on his face. The Revered is clearly off his rocker and I love it.

Tom Noonan is giving a fantastic performance as Reverend Cole and even though I still think the change in character was sharply drastic and immediate, it's turned into something oddly compelling. Who would have thought that a man of God would turn into an extreme danger and problem?

Cullen and Elam Take Aim

It looks as if the outside danger of the Cheyenne is shifting back toward the in-the-camp danger. Once again, I'm surprised with how quickly certain situations have gotten resolved but I did enjoy the contrast of the Mumford and Sons song to the battle between the Cheyenne against Bohannon and company.

And, wow, Bohannon got in some great moves, with the nice affect of slowing down the scene for a brief second. Life was definitely violent out in the west.

It clearly paid, as Ferguson used the scalps to get money. I'm glad he didn't follow Bohannon's lead on that particular incident and, even as he cut them, it was obvious he wasn't enjoying it. Although he was definitely enjoying some Eva love in the pleasure tent. Even Durant was giving him attention, but Ferguson seemed slightly blinded by his desires to mean something than clearly see Durant up to his no good wiley scheming.

I was pleased that there was some actual construction and work taking place on the railroad. I knew there was no way everyone was just hanging around and having a good time all the time. It was great to see not only the amount of people involved, but them physically moving the pieces and reaching that important 40-mile mark. I even laughed watching the McGinnes brothers (who seemed to have just disappeared the last few episodes) trying to work a nail and hammer.

I'm glad Bohannon kind of called out Sean for fixing the fight and winning money. At least he joked about it and the two seem to be on good terms still. However, it seems like The Swede isn't on anybody's favorite list.

Poor guy, to think that beating up prostitutes and trying to show up Bohannon in the bar would get him some respect. He's bound to crack sooner or later.

Another moment that was a bit humorous and kind of surprising was when Joseph Black Moon's moment of sadness and grief shifted over into frisky territory. Ruth! You naughty girl, you. Frankly, I'm a bit shocked that this relatively reserved girl (okay, she's done a fair amount of slapping and speaking her mind recently) was putting the moves on a vulnerable Black Moon. I wonder how crazy Revered Cole will feel about that...

And while I have no real clue as to why Mr. Toole needed to come back (couldn't he have stayed dead?), the rest of "Timshel" was a rather enjoyable piece, touching on all of the major characters. It's a good thing everyone got their drink on and had their chance to celebrate because some major choices and repercussions are just on the horizon. And I've got a feeling it's not going to be a happy ending for everyone.

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Again, the writers seem to be on this "put as many story lines as possilbe into one show" kick. I like the action but it makes a person's head spin, trying to keep up with all the plot lines. The opening battle was fantastic! The odd story lines are hard to get past; Mr. Toole coming back from the dead, the McGinnes brothers were did they go, and the Reverend still on his crazy kick (though I did like the ending and how he protected Joseph), oh and then Ruth (we all know that they were going to get together but does it have to happen all at once? I think the writers feel they need to write at lightning speed to keep us all interested. They should take a look at shows like "Justified" where a story line runs for an entire season. I hope next season they slow down a bit and enjoy the characters they created and let these great actors bring all they can.