How I Met Your Mother Review: Beers In Heaven

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While Marshall struck me as a guy who prefers his burgers cooked rare, this week's How I Met Your Mother, "Tailgate," was well done. Was it one of the season's best? I don't think so, but it marked a good return from the holiday hiatus and did well to catch us up on each character.

I half expected Marshall to open his own beer on his dad's tombstone so I was glad he swallowed his pride and channeled his father's hospitable spirit toward the end of the episode. I didn't recall the sibling rivalry being so heated between him and his brothers. Nor did I remember his Marcus always being that enormous. Great Galloping Ghost, maybe the Bears would have fared better had they signed him to their roster. He was like a plaid and purple eclipse.

Also, once again, great attention to detail by the show's costume designers, who outfitted Marshall in the Fran Tarkenton for President apron. 

Grave Site Tailgating

Speaking of "tying one on," I thought the MVP of the episode was the dark horse Sandy Rivers, as she provided the best quotes this week. Whether it was referring to himself in the third person, drinking on air or counting down to "two hundred and twelve," he was a nice addition, reliable for a laugh each time the series went back to his storyline.

The same could not be said for the Enigmas of the Mystical, but it did set up the emotional surprise visit from Lily's dad. So much so that I thought it overshadowed the touching close to Marshall's tailgate. If Marshall still wants some time alone with his dad, he might want to dial up Oda Mae Brown. 

I'm still trying to decide whether Puzzles was a chute or ladder. Barney's red velvet rope earned him a Slappy New Year, but he and Ted harmonizing was applause worthy. As was their reluctance to take any pointers from Kevin with regard to the bar. Robin was smart though to listen to Kevin's sound advice about going back on air, but did anyone else cringe when he toasted "that's my girl," while sitting next to two of Robin's former flames? 

All in all, a solid return and positive start to 2012 by the writers. I was happy to see the only ball dropped this week was in Times Square. 

P.S. Did we ever find out why the hats were wet? Please help a HIMYM-brother out if we did.


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Childish gambino

Both the puzzles and the lily's dad thing were down before. (Puzzle's in 3 days of snow and the whole "person hangs up the phone so you think they blew you off but unbeknownst to you they are actually running to be by your side" was done with Barney when Ted got in the accident, i think it was miracles). Dont get me wrong i dont have a problem with them recycling bits, but if you are going to reuse a bit AT LEAST change it up and give a different take. Both of these were pretty much exact LESS FUNNY rehashings of those bits.


TheGreaterGood--+1 +1 +1
My family and I talked about that last night during dinner. THEY NEVER EVER USE those signature lines anymore. I miss the WADUPS. It's much a week to week storyline. Not just a story each week. I hate when they hype something up in past season and then later it's just blah! Seriously PUZZLES could have been the best BAR ever! Barney owning a bar..come on, it would be LEGENDARY! It makes me mad. I barely laugh at ANYTHING on this show anymore. When I watch a past episode I am almost to tears from laughing so hard. PS- I hate Kevin.


Ted and Barney's story was lackluster, if only because they already had an almost identical story a few seasons earlier. However, I have to admit I teared up a little at the end with Marshall and Lily each finding a way to connect with their fathers and Robin's story was great too. Kevin gained a point with me when he talked Robin into going on air but I still find his character too creepy. Loved Sandy Rivers! He's a great character in small doses.


Chris, the "Enigmas of the Mystical" may have been kinda silly, but it was a spoof (as is so typical of HIMYM) of something that took me back to my childhood. I was born in 1978, so I'm pretty much the same age as the characters, and there have been a bunch of subtle references to things on the show that were straight from my formative years. "Enigmas of the Mystical" was in reality "Mysteries of the Unknown"- a Time-Life book series that had TV advertisements I remember well... they were borderline frightening for a 10 year old kid. HIMYM brings back lots of things I had almost forgotten like this.

C f ohara

whoops Fran not Frank...TY dang auto correct!


The apron said Fran Tarkenton for President, not Frank.


i love how barney grown up this year. i like the sandy river stuff in this show. he was rude and funny at the same time. i like how frist we had robin the marshell at the lead prson and told the story hope this keeps up. like the gronwth of the season of this show keep it up


Chris, watch belly full of turkey in s1 for how rivalrous the bros were and their size. I liked it, and I like how the show has adapted. Shows need to adapt over time, which bbt is currently starting to do. Barney used too many catchphrases in s1/2. Though now he probably hasn't used enough....

C f ohara

Barney also used “Suit Up’ a lot more often in earlier seasons when I think he still thought he had a shot at changing Ted into his ideal wing man. But as good a team that Maverick and Goose were, it was their unique personalities that made them so complimentary and such is the case with Ted and Barney. Maybe the four stars was a bit generous, but it’s a new year and I’m trying to make it through a few months at least before I start getting cynical again.

C f ohara

I think Barney has evolved from a caricature into a character and I'm very with the character's development. His catch phbrases like "wadup" are not dead and buried, they just aren't being used ad nauseam thank goodness. Like Joey Tribbiani's "how you doin" or even the Fonz's "ayyyyy," for those born before the information age Barney’s catch phrases had the potential to become tiresome but I think the writers are too good for that and the proof being that we sort of miss them actually and appreciate them that much more when he does dust them off.

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