Jane By Design Review: Paris or Fired!

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Jane's headed to Paris! Or, is she?

Gray called on her trusty assistant this week to bring the precious Lookbook to her in Paris. How is Jane supposed to pull off that last minute trip? Help from her devoted friend, Billy, of course!

Over the past reviews, I've mentioned that Jane By Design is at times cliche and fairly unoriginal, but I've still enjoyed the hour because the characters are charming and fun to watch. Tonight's episode changed that somewhat.

Jane in a Panic

Unfortunately, there were no surprises here. Well, there was one, but that didn't make up for the episode as a whole. My biggest issue? "The Lookbook." Of course, she lost the it. Duh. Who didn't see that one coming? Annoying!

Isn't it be possible for something to go right for Jane... ever? Or, if there needed to be a stumble, why not something unexpected? I think they tried to pull that off by having India end up with the book in un-nefarious circumstances and giving it to Jane.

India was so sure of herself and the future downfall of Gray and therefore Jane. As much as I dislike India (which we're supposed to), she did the right thing here. And I have to give her credit for that, even if she felt it wouldn't matter. Will she be kicking herself when she finds out that Gray's been named Creative Director?

My other issue with the show in general is Billy's devotion to Jane. What has she done to earn that kind of dedication? He asked his new girlfriend to lie for Jane. He took a phone call and got a week's worth of detention for her. He searched everywhere for the Lookbook for her. I liked Billy in the beginning, but now he is coming across as a lackey.

In addition to his relationship with Jane, he maintained a secret relationship with Lulu at her request. Lackey! And, now with his brother, Tommy. I was proud of him for refusing to help Tommy. It was a start in the right direction, but given his phone call with Jane... I think he gave in! That's disappointing, if true.

As much as I love the Jane-Billy relationship, I have issues with it. I'd like to see Jane put his needs before her own. I don't think she even realizes the consequences he is enduring to help her. That needs to change.

Despite my irritation there were several great moments, the best being the phone call between Jane and Billy at the end. They have such an amazing friendship. Who wouldn't want that? I have to believe that the relationship wasn't always so one-sided. The world would be a much better place if everyone had a "Jane-Billy" relationship with someone else.

Am I being too harsh on the show? Do you think Billy ended up helping his brother? Is he headed down a bad path?

Odds and Ends

  • Passport: When the trip first came up, I wondered how she could go to Paris without a passport. Too convenient that she had one?
  • Lulu is turning around. She is acting like she truly cares about Billy and is putting his feelings and their relationship first. She's growing on me.
  • Dodgeball? Really? Ben is so out of touch. How long until he gets in trouble on the job? I continue to love the building relationship between Rita and Ben.
  • How awkward was that Nick and Ben conversation at the baseball field? Wow. It looks like Jane and Nick are moving towards possibly trying to date again. Can't wait!
  • For initially being a plain Jane, she has everyone wrapped around her finger, even if she doesn't realize it. Jeremy was too easily convinced to play India to help Jane.
  • It will be fun to see the reactions of India and Jeremy when they find out Gray is now Creative Director!
  • Let's take a look at next week's episode, shall we?


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i would like to get how you made your pride sucessful.and my chrcuh is second largestfood pantry in the city of wichita,kansas.It needs help financially for a building to be handicap accessible.Sincerly yourskevin w miller


That puffy skirt was the least attractive thing I've seen Jane wear, and it was the outfit she's had on the longest in all 5 episodes. It just ruined Paris for me!


I don't know if I'd call Billy a lackey.I actually found him even more endearing than usual(and even more relatable for me personally)which says a lot because he is my fave character.He's a chronic-do gooder/people pleaser,loyal to a fault.I totally get that and can relate to it.The fact that he was able to say no to his bro anyways and he also is capable of putting both Jane and Lulu in their place if they get too out of line tells me that he isn't just some lackey.But I do look forward to the day when their friendship doesn't appear to be so one-sided.We're told it isn't, it's implied that it isn't,if one is merely going off of what they see than it kind of is.I'm thrilled that we got more glimpses into Billy's character though.The ep was cliche.Jane's obliviousness to the effect she has on all the guys around her is amusing,and I actually like Lulu


this is a WONDERFUL show


Billy definitely has been an amazing friend to Jane. I don’t even know if I would do that for somebody! Hopefully Jane can return the favor one way or another. I LOVED last night’s episode and hope you guys did too. Although I initially didn’t like Billy and Lulu together, I thought they were quite sweet last night. Who knows, maybe Billy will make her a better person?


I agree that their friendship is too one-sided, Billy always there for Jane, Jane never there for him. I kind of watch the show for Billy. Also, I hope they never get together. I like Lulu, she is prettier than Jane and nice to Billy.


i think that billy is just there for her in her time of need like she was for him but this episode kind of a lackey maybe because he still feels guilty about lulu


When I hear at first about this show and the plot I was like It haves to be another of the same and it kind of is, but I like it. The characters have charm and I have this men crush on billy he is just so sweet and nice and good friend. So yes I like the show and I am not a BIG fan that watches the promos or the sneaks but when I see PLL I am like oh! tomorrow is the new episode of Jane and then I am at 1:30am watching the episode (I have like a zillion things to do so when I get home I search for it online and watch it) and i enjoy the episode... I like the show, its just fun and sweet and charming, I am a very critic person and I like the show, whats not to like?


i think /hope that billy is attentive to janes minor needs cuz shes helped him with bigger problems considering his brother .....since they've been friends for a long time theres a lot we dont no....and it makes everyone love him more ....hes a cute-e

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Gray: Bring me the book, Jane. See you in Paris.
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